Riot to make improvements to UI, Master tier, and leaderboards in Legends of Runeterra

Yes, the ability to change the card art for your deck box is coming.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games highlighted many changes that will improve several aspects of the LoR interface in today’s “What’s Next for Legends of Runeterra” announcement.

The main changes coming over multiple patches throughout the year are deckbuilding improvements and ease of access to information inside the game itself through the use of leaderboards.

While the exact details haven’t been released yet, Riot said the cohesive updates to the deckbuilder will allow players to pick their own deck box art. The current art that the game forces your decklist to have reflects your highest cost champion. This can make it harder to differentiate varying decks for players with larger collections.

Riot will also allow players to attain more information inside the client through the use of leaderboards. Before this change, players would have to use third-party sites to see the current standings of every player in the Master tier.

Aside from these interface updates and quality of life changes, Riot also teased that further improvements to LP gain in the Master tier will be coming as soon as Patch 1.4, which is scheduled to be released on June 26.

Out of all these changes, the one players can expect the soonest is the Master tier improvement. For players who aren’t in the Master tier, the newly-announced Gauntlet mode will be coming in the same patch on June 26.


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