Riot hotfixes LoR champions Sejuani, Twisted Fate, Vi, and Lee Sin

Look out meta, here comes Sejuani.

Legends of Runeterra Sejuna
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games applied several major hotfixes to new Legends of Runeterra champions last night.

The launch of LoR’s Rising Tides expansion was a major success for Riot last week. But there were several issues discovered early on with Sejuani, Vi, Twisted Fate, and Lee Sin that were impacting the metagame. The LoR team made a move to quickly rectify the bugs, though, and several hotfixes were applied to the new champions last night. 

  • Sejuani’s leveled up ability should now always apply, even with start-of-round effects like Citybreaker.
  • Lee Sin should now properly receive Barrier, even if he leveled up from the first spell in a round.
  • Vi should no longer temporarily gain +8 attack power during her Level-Up.
  • Twisted Fate should now be playable with a full board, like any other unit.

The hotfix to Vi will affect the ranked ladder meta the most since she was previously gaining +8 on her attack power during her Level-Up. Now, Vi will function accordingly in that when she strikes a unit upon attacking, she’ll deal five damage to the enemy’s Nexus with an attack power of 10. 

Sejuani’s bug was also an issue since it was difficult to play her with start-of-the-round effects like Citybreaker and Ember Maiden that weren’t being applied toward her Level-Up. With her issue getting resolved, expect to see more gameplay from Sejuani on the LoR ranked ladder in the coming days.

The fixes that were applied to Lee Sin and Twisted Fate will help existing builds but shouldn’t alter the metagame as much as the other two champions. LoR gameplay engineering lead Riot Exis also said additional fixes are being worked on and will become available in the upcoming LoR 1.1 patch next Tuesday, May 12.