Prismaticism dethrones BBG at Legends of Runeterra Jam Fest 4

Anti-Bannerman and Spooky Karma earn the win.

Legends of Runeterra Karma
Image via Riot Games

Top Legends of Runeterra players Prismaticism and LootGamingLounge earned wins at Jam Fest 4 today. 

The Monokuma event broke records last week, featuring the largest number of players competing in a LoR tournament to date with BruisedByGod (BBG) and Freshlobster earning titles. Continuing its growth amongst LoR Grassroots tournaments this weekend was Jam Fest, with its fourth tournament.

Top pros competing at Jam Fest 4 included BBG, LootGamingLounge, Freshlobster, and Prismaticism—with each of them finishing in the top eight of either the North American or European regions. This wasn’t their first LoR top eight either, as each has established themselves as “the” players to beat. 

LootGamingLounge placed in the top eight via both regions, winning the EU final with a combination of Ezreal/Draven and Kinkou Elusives builds. 

And to kick off the start of the NA top eight bracket, it was BBG against Freshlobster in round one. BBG claimed the win and moved onto the semifinals against BlazinAzn, in which he pulled off a double Withering Wail with an enlightened Karma to earn a seat at the final match.

Having won the previous Jam Fest, and last week’s Monokuma tournament, BBG was seeking his third straight title. But Prismaticism, also making it to the final match, wanted his own win and fought hard against the odds to earn it. 

Game one went to BBG, who won with his infamous Bannerman deck. Playing Ezreal/Draven next, Prismaticism earned the victory with Spooky Karma. Game three came down to BBG on Ezreal again against the anti-Bannerman Ashe/Noxus build. On paper, BBG was favored to win the matchup but Prismaticism pulled out the win, ending BBG’s LoR tournament win streak. 

Jam Fest 4 was cast by Casanova and Blevins with a VOD of the EU and NA top-eight found here.