New Annie support cards synergize with Jhin, Stun archetypes in Legends of Runeterra

Trouble is brewing in Runeterra.

A total of three Legends of Runeterra Worldwalker spoilers dropped today, showcasing Followers and Skills in the Noxus region. 

Scheduled to release on May 25, the LoR Worldwalker expansion has one more champion joining the ranks. Annie will likely get announced tomorrow, but in the meantime, players were gifted with five support cards for the new champion. All three Worldwalker spoilers are from the Noxus region and are Followers. 

Manasoul Student is a three-drop 3/2 unit that pings the enemy Nexus with one point of damage the first time each round you play a Fast/Slow spell or a Skill. One damage doesn’t seem like much, but those burn pings can add up quickly or end a match. 

Spell Slinger is a two-drop Noxus unit with Fearsome that has 1/1 baseline stats. Synergizing with the Stun archetype and the Worldwalker champion Jhin, the spider Follower stuns an enemy upon getting played. If that enemy is already Stunned, two damage is dealt to that Stunned enemy unit. 

The last Follower from today’s LoR Worldwalker spoilers was The Prefect. She’s a three-drop Noxus Follower with 1/3 baseline stats. Whenever you play a Fast/Slow spell or Skill, The Prefect gains +1/+0 in stats. 

Both Manasoul Student and Spell Slinger fit into Jhin’s Origin (region). And as a spider, Spell Slinger can also get played alongside the LoR champion Elise. 

Players can test out the support cards for Annie when the LoR Worldwalker expansion releases on May 25.