LoR dragon builds ascend to new heights with Shyvana spoilers

Go big or go home.

Legends of Runeterra Eclipse Dragon
Image via Riot Games

New dragon cards within the Targon and Demacia regions were the final Legends of Runeterra spoilers revealed today for the upcoming Monuments of Power expansion. 

Releasing later this week on Oct. 14, the MoP spoilers ended today with the reveal of Shyvana. A total of three followers were also included in the Shyvana spoilers. Two of the LoR followers, Dragonguard Lookout and Kadegrin the Infernal, are Demacian region cards. The other follower, Eclipse Dragon, is Targon. 

All three cards are powerful in their own right, highlighting abilities like Fury, Daybreak, Nightfall, and Rally. Dragonguard Lookout is a six-drop 3/5 that if summoned when its controller Beholds a dragon, it Rallys. While the Lookout’s stats are slightly week, being able to Rally with dragons opens a new door of strategic possibilities. 

Eclipse Dragon may be the most powerful follower revealed today, synergizing with Daybreak and Nightfall. The dragon is a seven-drop 7/5 with Fury. Eclipse Dragon has a Daybreak ability that reduces the cost of the next dragon or Celestial played and it has a Nightfall ability that creates a random dragon or Celestial follower in hand. 

The final follower in the LoR spoilers today was Kadegrin the Infernal. This beast of a dragon is a nine-drop with 9/6 stats. It has Fury and grants all other dragon allies +2/+2 everywhere when it’s summoned. Kadegrin is on the expensive side but will have no problem finishing out a match the turn it’s played.