Legends of Runeterra’s current cycle of Labs is rotating out in November

If you want to 100-percent complete everything and earn two exclusive card backs, you now have a deadline.

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Legends of Runeterra’s Lab mode is receiving a massive shake-up one month from now in Patch 2.19. The update, which will arrive on Nov. 10, will add in new experiments, meaning Lab of Legends, Saltwater Scourge, and Ultra Rapid Draw will all be cycled out then.

While this wouldn’t normally matter for most Lab rotations, two of the three current Experiments that are rotating provide rewards and are popular single-player experiences. Players can receive a free Malphite card back by claiming victory with Fizz, Lissandra, Malphite, Irelia, and Zilean in the original Lab of Legends mode on normal difficulty. There’s also an exclusive Gangplank card back for scoring an A or better in skill with Nami, Pyke, Miss Fortune, Tahm Kench, and Twisted Fate.

For players who need a reminder of how The Saltwater Scourge’s grading system works, a player can achieve an S-rank in skill if they win a run without dying or using any healer node or special event. While this sounds difficult without planning, only an A-rank in skill is needed for the Gangplank card back—and it’s much more lenient. All you need to do is win a run without dying, which ultimately means you’re allowed to use as many healer nodes as you want to achieve this goal. This makes unlocking the card back easier if you plan properly.

Fans who are dismayed by the upcoming removal of both iterations of Lab of Legends most likely shouldn’t worry too much, though. It’s unlikely that Riot would remove the option to play a single-player version of LoR without some form of replacement. There’s also a major PvE expansion event that will be releasing at the same time.

LoR Patch 2.17.0 releases tomorrow, Oct. 6. Players have until Nov. 10 to claim both the Malphite and Gangplank card backs.

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