Legends of Runeterra Worlds Qualifiers Patch 3.19: Full notes and updates

Major balance changes shift the meta heading into Worlds.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has included over 40 Legends of Runeterra balance changes within Patch 3.19 heading into the Worlds Qualifiers. 

The Legends of Runeterra Worlds Qualifiers are slated to take place on Nov. 19. Patch 3.19 is the balance patch for the major event, containing over 40 nerfs and buffs. Each region has a Worlds Qualifier, determining who will represent that region at the LoR World Championship

Patch 3.19 will shake up the LoR Meta heading into the Worlds Qualifiers. It also contains Spirit Blossom skins for Ahri, Evelynn, Kindred, Master Yi, Teemo, and Yasuo. And Husks that Evelynn generates will also have a Spirit Blossom theme. 

Here are the full Patch 3.19 balance change notes, according to Riot. 

Patch 3.19 LoR champion balance changes

Image via Riot Games

Lee Sin has snuck into just about every major tournament since being released in LoR as a champion. But a nerf to his level-up may keep players from relying on him as a go-to anymore. Jinx received a cute buff upon leveling up and Varus levels up earlier now. 

  • Varus: Level-up changed from “target eight-plus allies” to “target seven-plus allies.”
  • Jinx (level two): Jinx will create her first Mega Death Rocket upon leveling up but can’t create another during that turn. 
  • Jax (level one): Jax’s level-up changed from equipped allies have dealt 15-plus damage to 12-plus damage. 
  • Gwen (level two): Gwen will always snip a minimum damage of two even when stunned. 
  • Seraphine: Level-up nerfed from You’ve played six-plus new spells to nine-plus new spells.
  • Vayne (level two): Changed the Tumble reduction cost to “Reduce the cost of Tumble by three” to ” Reduce the cost to zero.”
  • Lee Sin: Level-up changed from “play eight spells” to “play 10 spells.”
  • Swain (level two): Stats nerfed from 5/7 to 4/7. 

Patch 3.19 LoR follower balance changes

Image via Riot Games

Balance changes to LoR followers range from casting cost and stat adjustments to text changes. There were also several reworks applied in Patch 3.19. Fanclub President was nerfed by increasing the unit’s casting cost and Saga Seeker is now a 1/1. 

  • Fanclub President: Mana cost increased from four to five.
  • Saga Seeker: Base stats nerfed from 1/2  to 1/1. 
  • Ionian Hookmaster: Base stats nerfed from 1/1 to 0/1
  • Paparo the Great: Enter the battlefield changed from “Create a Yordle in hand” to “Summon a Yordle.”
  • Paparo the Great: Attack bonus changed from “Grant other allied Yordles” to “Grant all Yordles.”
  • Swole Scout: Rework—Swole Scout has been changed to a three-cost 2/2. Its text says “When you summon another Yordle, give me +2/+0 this round.”
  • Yordle Newbie: Rework—Yordle Newbie has been changed to a one-cost 0/2. Its text says “When you summon another Yordle, give me +2/+0 this round. 
  • Rimefang Wolf: Base stats adjusted from 3/2 to 2/3.
  • Troll Scavenger: Base stats adjusted from 1/3 to 0/4.
  • Lord Broadmane: Base stats buffed from 2/4 to 3/5.
  • Sai’nen: Base stats buffed from 3/3 to 3/5.
  • Laurent Duelist: Rework—Laurent Duelist is now a two-cost 2/2. Its Play effect is “Grant an ally in hand Challenger.”
  • Ibaaros: Base stats changed from 0/0 to 1/1.
  • Safety Inspector: Mana cost reduced from six to five.
  • Safety Inspector: Base stats nerfed from 6/6 to 5/5.
  • Escaped Abomination: Base stats adjusted from 4/2 to 3/3.
  • Shadowblade Fanatic: Base stats buffed from 3/2 to 3/3.
  • Wrathful Rider: Base stats buffed from 7/3 to 8/3.
  • Duskrider: Mana cost reduced from five to four.
  • Duskrider: Base stats nerfed from 3/5 to 3/4.
  • Wrought Colossus: Copy that is created in hand changed to cost four mana. 
  • Pathless Ancient: Cost reduction changed from “Cost two less if you Recalled a unit this round” to “Costs two less for each unit Recalled this round.”

Patch 3.19 LoR spell, Landmark, and Equipment balance changes

Image via Riot Games

Riot replaced spells within Ionian Bandle Tellstones. Akshan was hit with a nerf through an increased countdown for Warlord’s Palace and Hoard. Rally effects were nerfed and Void Seeker received a slight buff. 

  • Tumble: Mana cost increased from three to four.
  • Warlord’s Palace and Hoard: Countdown increased from eight to nine.
  • Shatter: Mana cost reduced from two to one.
  • Ionian Tellstones: Healing Potion and Homecoming removed. Replaced with Gruesome Theater and Ritual of Renewal.
  • Shimon Wind: Casting speed nerfed from Burst to Focus.
  • Relentless Pursuit: Text nerfed from “Grant an ally +1/+1 and Rally” to “Rally.”
  • Golden Aegis: Mana cost increased from four to five.
  • Curse of the Tomb: Mana cost nerfed from two to three.
  • Hexbliterator: Damage increased from five to six.
  • Celestial Impact: Text added “Heals your Nexus three.”
  • Ravenbloom Conservatory: Countdown reduced from 12 to 11.
  • Bone Club: Stats buffed from +4/+4 to +5/+5.
  • Reaver’s Row: Mana cost reduced from five to four.
  • Spirits Unleashed: Bonus +1/+1 stats changed from allies to Everywhere. 
  • Darkin Balista: Self-damage upon equipping removed. 
  • Void Seeker: Can now target champions after you have Evolved. 
  • Bandle Tellstones: Keeper’s Verdict removed. Replaced with Electro Harpoon. 

Patch 3.19 bug fixes

  • The Evelynn VFX bug has been resolved upon leveling up.
  • Multiple visual bugs were addressed within Path of Champions, specifically AI names getting cut off.
  • A visual bug having keywords misaligned on the card has been resolved.
  • An issue where non-created choice cards were receiving discounts from Viktor in Path of Champions has been resolved.
  • Senna’s Aura effect will no longer incorrectly accelerate or discount choice cards.
  • A bug in Wraith of Echoes has been resolved, with the Everywhere buff now applying everywhere. 
  • The Darkin Bow’s stats will no longer visually reset after a Double Strike.