Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.5: Full notes and updates

Small changes pave the way for larger adjustments scheduled to take place later this month.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games will release a small Legends of Runeterra update, Patch 3.5, in preparation for a much larger patch that will take place at the end of April. 

Patch 3.5 focuses on several bug fixes within LoR, along with a quality-of-life improvement applied to Path of Champions. For players eagerly anticipating balance changes, these will take place on April 27 with the release of Patch 3.6.

The champions that the LoR team plans on targeting with the patch include Udyr, LeBlanc, and Garen. Other quality-of-life and balance changes are also slated to take place for a “variety of underplayed champions,” according to Riot. 

Here are the LoR Patch 3.5 quality-of-life and bug fix notes

The LoR team has updated the visuals within Path of Champions for the earning and selecting rewards portion of the PvE mode. Players will no longer experience a crash when canceling the Attach for Yummi at level two. Pantheon level two will no longer get double the keywords after being Silenced in a previous round. 

  • Recalling units that have the Predict ability with Transposition will no longer result in those units getting discounted.
  • The LoR team has added the missing Prismatic card style versions of Desert Duel, Celestial Wonder, and Rocket Barrage.
  • An issue was resolved where The Final Stage board wasn’t playing BGM.
  • Bug fixes were applied to voice lines that weren’t properly playing due to certain champion skins.
  • A resolution was applied to boards that weren’t reacting as intended to Nexus damage.
  • Foil effects missing were resolved on several cards from the Beyond the Bandlewood set.
  • A bug causing crashes when attempting to reconnect to the server has been resolved. 
  • A bug playing Prank’s SFX and VFX at the same time while hovering over the Oracle’s Eye has been resolved.
  • Several UI, UX, templating, and general visual bugs were resolved to improve overall game clarity and player experience. 

LoR Patch 3.5 is set to go live tomorrow, April 13.