Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.15: Full notes and updates

Major events and expansions are coming to LoR.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is working out the kinks from the Awakening launch in Patch 3.15, fixing several bugs while showcasing everything taking place within Legends of Runeterra for the remainder of 2022.

Patch 3.15 is a two-week follow-up to the release of Legends of Runeterra’s newest expansion, hitting several bug fixes that will impact the meta. The Awakening season runs from Aug. 31 to Oct. 12, with a balance patch slated to take place on Sept. 29. In addition to the bug fixes, Riot dropped the Darkin Saga roadmap within Patch 3.15. The roadmap outline all major events, expansion releases, and balance updates for the remainder of 2022. 

Here are the notes for LoR Patch 3.15.

Patch 3.15 LoR bug fixes

Image via Riot Games

Intended to clean up the meta for the Awakening Seasonal taking place in early October, Patch 3.15 resolved several important bug issues. A bug that allowed Kai’Sa to level up faster from cards that weren’t played has been resolved, along with Gwen no longer leveling up when she strikes upon dying. And Attach units can now take advantage of cost reduction effects. 

  • Looking at a unit’s card fan will no longer cause the game to crash
  • A bug resulting in Momentous Choice hanging around longer than intended was resolved
  • The spell Tidal Wave will target two different enemies as intended from now on
  • Cards with effects that count the number of cards added to a hand will properly count created cards as intended
  • Killing a unit with the Disintegrate spell counts as a Slay
  • The Evolve mechanic will progress upon a unit getting transformed into another unit with a new keyword that hasn’t been played yet
  • Kai’Sa won’t gain level-up progress from cards that haven’t been Played
  • Gwen will no longer level if she dies upon striking
  • Attach units will properly consume single-use cost reduction effects like Gleaming Lantern or Bandle City Mayor
  • Hyara Allseer will now properly reduce the cost of Stance Swap to zero
  • An issue causing Jhin’s Lotus Trap to gain extra progression has been resolved
  • Text descriptions were updated on multiple cards to align with game mechanics and provide clarity to players
  • Multiple sound and visual bugs were resolved

The LoR Darkin Saga roadmap

Image via Riot Games

The second half of the LoR 2022 roadmap was revealed last week, appropriately titled the Darkin Saga. Throughout the remainder of 2022, two more expansions are slated to release, containing Darkin champions. October will feature the LoR 2022 World Championship and it was teased that a rotation may take place sometime during the 2023 season. 

A misprint was included in the image for the Darkin Saga roadmap. It listed that the Seasonal tournament takes place in September but its official date is from Oct. 8 to 9. The Last Chance Gauntlet is scheduled for Oct. 4 and the cutoff for top 700 Master players is Oct. 7. 

Here is the official Legends of Runeterra schedule for the remainder of 2022. 


  • Release of the Awakening expansion and the start of The Darkin Saga
  • Corrupted event, part one that ends on Oct. 4
  • Balance patch slated for Sept. 29
  • Path of Champions updates on Sept. 29


  • Awakening Seasonal, Oct. 7 to 8
  • Three new champions
  • Arclight event
  • New Path of Champions champions


  • Legends of Runeterra 2022 World Championship
  • Worlds balance patch


  • The Darkin Saga finale
  • New champions
  • Corrupted event, part two
  • Balance patch
  • New Path of Champions champions