Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.12: Full notes and updates

Significant bug fixes could shift the meta.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games will release a small Legends of Runeterra update at the beginning of August, resolving several important bug fixes while continuing to monitor the Forces from Beyond meta. 

Patch 3.12 isn’t a scheduled balance patch but the LoR team is working on adjustments for the next update. The Aug. 3 update will instead focus on problematic bugs within the digital card game while “keeping an all-seeing eye on how the meta is evolving,” according to Riot. In addition to bug fixes, LoR will temporarily go offline on Aug. 8 for the Americas and EMEA regions. 

  • Americas: Downtime from 11am CT to 2pm CT on Aug. 8
  • Europe (EMEA): Downtime from 6pm CT to 9pm CT on Aug. 8

The Patch 3.12 bug fixes are significant, potentially having an impact on the 3.11 Forces from Beyond meta. Darkness archetype players can rejoice since Ixtali Sentinel will now hit the enemy Nexus with their effect, as opposed to fizzling out. And Kai’Sa will no longer count Elusive as a keyword upon Sharpsight getting played. 

Here’s every LoR bug fix getting resolved through Patch 3.12, according to Riot.

  • Empty flyouts following a Kalista level up and units with Yummi attached to them will no longer occur.
  • Claws of the Dragon will now summon itself at Play timing instead of Cast timing.
  • Ixtali Sentinel’s Darkness effect of hitting the target and enemies Nexus will no longer fizzle out when attempting to hit the Nexus.
  • Sharpsight will no longer count as an Elusive keyword for units and champions that count keywords.
  • A softlock that occurred upon Invasive Hydravine getting revived through other cards has been resolved.

Patch 3.12 is scheduled to go live on Aug. 3. Riot has not revealed a date for the upcoming Legends of Runeterra balance patch.