Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.1: Full notes and updates

New cards, cosmetics, lab, and more are on the way.

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Aphelios is arriving in Legends of Runeterra via Patch 2.1, along with a number of balance changes and a Lunar Celebration. 

Over 10 cards are getting added to LoR in the new Aphelios champion expansion, showcasing the Weapon of the Faithful himself, five support units, and eight spells.

With the addition of Aphelios, there are a number of balance changes taking place in Patch 2.1. The Lunar Celebration will also kick off with a new Lab and cosmetics. Aphelios and every new card in the champion expansion can be found here. 

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Players can also earn free cards by logging in over the course of seven days. Those who complete all seven Lunar Celebration Quests earn a Year of the Ox card back.

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Balance changes

Two champions were nerfed and buffed in Patch 2.1: Miss Fortune and Viktor. Older units like War Chefs were also adjusted, along with spells like Hush and Diana’s Pale Cascade. 

Miss Fortune

  • Removed Overwhelm after leveling up.


  • Adjusted level up to: “You’ve played seven-plus created cards.”
  • Level one and two: Now creates a Hex Core Upgrade on both Play and Round Start. 

The Grand Plaza

  • New text: “When an ally is summoned, give it +1/+0 and Challenger this round.

War Chefs

  • Base stats changed from 1/3 to 2/2.


  • Cost adjusted from five to four.

Greenglade Elder

  • Base stats changed from 1/1 to 3/1.

Captain Farron

  • Summon change: “When I’m summoned, create two Decimates in hand.”

Blade of the Exile

  • Cost reduced from three to one.

Blade Squire

  • Base stats adjusted from ½ to 2/1.


  • Cost increased from two to three.

Pale Cascade

  • Text change: “Give an ally +1/+1 this round. Nightfall: Draw one.”

Lab of Legends

Patch 2.1 introduces a new single-player Lab option within LoR, Lab of Legends, providing players with a choice between eight champion premade decks that face off against an increasingly difficult AI. The rotation of Labs in Patch 2.1 will include the new Lab of Legends, United Front, and Quick Draw. 

LoR cosmetics and personalization

A Lunar Celebration is taking place in LoR via Patch 2.1. Players have a new game board to purchase from the store, along with a Lunar Beast guardian, card backs, emotes, and several bundles. 

Club Ox gameboard

Image via Riot Games

Lunar Beast guardian

Image via Riot Games

Fortune’s Faithful card back

Image via Riot Games

Fortune’s Bounty card back

Image via Riot Games

The Beast card back

Image via Riot Games

Lunar emotes

Image via Riot Games

Lunar Beast bundle

Image via Riot Games

Players can purchase the Lunar Beast bundle for a total of 2,394 coins in the LoR store. The bundle includes a Club Ox game board, Lunar Beast guardian, The Beast card back, and an exclusive Firecracker T-Hex guardian variant. 

Night Hunters deck bundle

Image via Riot Games

The Night Hunters deck bundle is a preconstructed deck containing cards from the regions Targon and Shadow Isles. With a Nightfall theme, the preconstructed Night Hunters deck costs 1,998 coins. 

LoR Expeditions

A number of minor tweaks were made to the LoR Expedition archetypes. Aphelios cards were added to various archetypes and the Weapon of the Faithful has been added to Luminous Dusk as an alternate Targon champion alongside Diana. Throughout the duration of Patch 2.1, the Luminous Dusk archetype is four times as likely to show up in initial champion picks. 

Augmented Assault

  • Added: Brutal Hunter


  • Added: Will of Ionia
  • Removed: Shadow Flare


  • Added: Ballistic Bot and Veteran Investigator
  • Removed: Eager Apprentice, Hexcore Foundry, Monkey Business, Monkey Idol, and Scrapdash Assembly.

Luminous Dusk

  • Removed: Pesky Specter

Mega Keg

  • Removed: Monkey Business and  Strong-arm

Moonlit Heist

  • Removed: Monkey Business


  • Added: Zaunite Urchin
  • Removed: Veteran Investigator

Shadows and Dust

  • Added: Shadow Flare
  • Removed: Trevor Snoozebottom

Spell Slingers

  • Added: Jaull Hunters and  Ye Been Warned
  • Removed: Pocket Aces and Yordle Grifter

Gameplay changes

Android mobile users can use the “Back” button to navigate the app. Riot also added a toggle in Options that lets players allow, or prevent, friends from spectating games. 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash related to switching your Player Icon after completing a match.
  • Fixed a crash related to switching between the Home and Play menus.
  • Fixed an issue where The Dancer card back would display in-game as The Rising Star.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent a unit from being silenced a second time in the same round.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Lulu’s supported unit would not be fully buffed.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a unit would incorrectly die if silenced multiple times.

LoR Patch 2.1 will be released tomorrow, Feb. 3.