Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.16: Full notes and updates

The final expansion within CoM has arrived.

Legends of Runeterra Zoe
Image via Riot Games

A total of 40 Legends of Runeterra cards contained within Cosmic Creation Patch 1.16 will complete the Call of the Mountain set. 

Scheduled to launch on Dec. 16 at around 12pm CT, the Cosmic Creation expansion is set to balance out every LoR region with a near equal amount of cards and champions. The new expansion contains a total of three new champions—Riven, Viktor, and Zoe—along with 37 other cards that are Followers, Spells, and Landmarks. A new keyword, Augment, will also join the ranks within the Cosmic Creation expansion.  

Patch 1.16 will contain two challenges focusing on new mechanics: Augmentation, Progress, and Reforging the Blade. There are also three new Daily Quests highlighting new keywords and champions. A ranked reset will occur with the launch of Cosmic Creation

Here are the full notes and updates for LoR Patch 1.16.

Region updates

Every region road has been extended to 30 levels within LoR Patch 1.16. Since Piltover and Zaun share the same region road, a Zaun card back has been added at level 29 within the P&Z region road. Upon completing all 30 levels within a region road, players receive an icon for that region. 

New lab feature

Highlighting past labs that have been showcased throughout 2020, Patch 1.16 will contain a Multilab consisting of three previous labs: Quick Draw, Star Power, and Journey to the Peak. The addition of Multilab is a permanent feature, in which one of the labs is rotated out for a new one. But there are always multiple labs to choose from. 

Prismatic card styles

Prismatic card styles in LoR are upgrades to basic styled cards, similar to foil versions in Magic: The Gathering. Upgrading a card to Prismatic is a permanent feature for the time being. The LoR team has plans to create an on/off toggle feature in the future, too. 

There are three ways to upgrade a card to Prismatic: Chests, Essence, and Coins. New Card Style chests will contain Prismatic chests and the chests will be offered via ranked rewards at the end of a season. Those who achieve higher ranks will improve their Prismatic chest quality. Essence is a new resource within LoR, specifically for upgrading cards to Prismatic. And for players who want immediate upgrades, Coins work too. 

Cosmic Creation cosmetics

With a focus on Zaun and new champions being added to LoR, Patch 1.16 contains a number of personalizations for all types of players. 

Undercity game board

Image via Riot Games

Highlighting the experimental nature of Zaun’s residents, the Undercity game board has a sharp and clean look to it.


Image via Riot Games

Evil cats are taking over the world without a sidekick. Patch 1.16 will feature Nyandroid Von Yipp, an LoR supervillain who continues to evolve without boundaries.

Card back

Image via Riot Games

Riven has finally been added to LoR and now has her own card back, too. 


Image via Riot Games

A total of four emotes are joining the already massive, growing LoR emote collection. 


A new expansion means new bundles in the LoR store. Two bundles are available for purchase with the release of Patch 1.16: The Zaun Bundle and The Forged for Battle deck bundle. 

The Zaun bundle

Image via Riot Games

Priced at 1,422 Coins, the Zaun Bundle contains the Undercity game board, a Nyandroid Von Yipp guardian, and a Calculated Creations icon. 

The Forged for Battle bundle

Image via Riot Games

Priced at 2,034 Coins, the deck bundle contains Riven and Taric as champions. Cards within the preconstructed deck focus on combat buffs and combos that trigger these powerful champions. 


A total of four new archetypes are being added to the Expeditions pool within LoR Patch 1.16. 

  • Awesome Augments: Viktor and Zoe
  • Blades and Buffs: Riven and Taric
  • Augmented Assault: Riven and Viktor
  • Vault of Crowns: Garen and Thresh

Cosmic Creation archetypes will appear more often than other archetypes for a brief period of time. Cataclysm and Crimson Guard, two bonus archetypes, have been “retired.” The removal of these archetypes leaves each region with two bonus archetypes in the Cosmic Creation format, according to the LoR team. 

Patch 1.16 will launch at around 12pm CT on Dec. 16.