Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.15: Full notes and updates

Get in the winter spirit.

Image via Riot Games

Patch 1.15 in Legends of Runeterra will drop a day early, featuring winter holiday personalizations, a new lab, and an update to round timers. 

Holidays gifts are arriving in LoR when Patch 1.15 goes live on Nov. 24 at 1pm CT. The update won’t contain any Constructed gameplay balance changes, but it does include several new cosmetics and UI updates to round timers and player profiles. 

Here are the full notes and updates for LoR Patch 1.15.

Round timer

In an effort to “smooth out the pace of each game,” according to the LoR team, updates are being applied to the round timer system. 

  • Time banking
  • Time falloff

Players can “bank time” for later rounds by ending a turn early. Performing “identical actions” within a turn will also provide less time after each action.  

Profile UI update

Patch 1.15 contains player profiles, accessible via the Player Icon. Players can now track region road progress and cards collected. Additional features are expected within future updates. 

LoR Recursive Heroes lab

Image via Riot Games

The Singleton format returns to labs in Patch 1.15 with the Recursive Heroes 101 lab. Players can choose to play with a number of preconstructed decks featuring Jinx, Shyvana, Gangplank, or Trundle. An option to create a unique Singleton deck featuring any single champion will also be available for players who enjoy crafting. 

Unlike the traditional Singleton format, champions will always start in a player’s hand. If a champion is killed, it’s imprisoned in a Landmark that spawns in its place. To free your champion, eliminate the opponent’s Jailer that also spawned upon the imprisonment of your champion. 


The winter holidays are just around the corner, along with the Monuments of Power seasonal LoR tournament. 

LoR seasonal tournament rewards

Image via Riot Games

Players who compete in the seasonal tournament will earn a Tournament Competitor icon. And earning three wins will reward players with a tournament competitor card back. 

Image via Riot Games

Snowy Glade game board

Image via Riot Games

Players can get into the winter spirit with the new Snowy Glade game board. The board features gifts and lights, along with a special Runeterra snow-beast.

2020 Winter guardian

Image via Riot Games

A new guardian named Umpa is also available in LoR Patch 1.15. Umpa enjoys eating snowflakes and has a frosty personality. 

2020 Winter card back

Image via Riot Games

Players can show off their winter spirit with the Snow Day card back, featuring a victorious elf and celebratory Poros. 

2020 winter bundle

Image via Riot Games

A winter bundle is available for purchase in Patch 1.15, priced at 2,394 Coins. The bundle includes a Snowy Glade board, an Umpa guardian, a Snow Day Umpa guardian variant, and the Snow Day card back. 


Several minor balance changes are taking place in Expeditions that include improvements to Collective Support and Spell Slingers. Adjustments were also applied to Dragon’s Descent and Mending Touch. 

Collective Support

  • Added: Lunari Shadestalker
  • Removed: Herald of Spring, Nopeify!, Startled Stomper, and Swole Squirrel

Dragon’s Descent

  • Added: Radiant Strike, Sunblessed Vigor, Wish
  • Removed: Guiding Touch, Hush, Laurent Duelist, and Sunburst

Mending Touch

  • Star Spring will now always appear in Mending Touch packs.

Spell Slingers

  • Added: Steel Tempest
  • Removed: Horns of the Dragon, Rivershaper, and Twin Disciplines

Bug fixes and other

  • Disable Motion will now disable certain board features that affect photosensitive players.
  • Jinx’s Super Mega Death Rocket bug won’t create multiple copies anymore.
  • Emotes shouldn’t get stuck in the loadout panel anymore. 
  • Vietnamese was added as an additional support language in the LoR 1.15 patch.