Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.14: Full notes and updates

There are big changes in the Monuments of Power mid-expansion update.

Legends of Runeterra Ezreal
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is gearing up for the organization’s first Legends of Runeterra seasonal tournament with a number of balance changes in Patch 1.14, along with a meta snapshot and gameplay updates. 

Scheduled to release on Nov. 11, Patch 1.14 contains a total of seven champion balance changes and a glimpse at behind-the-scenes data from Patches 1.12 and 1.13. The new snapshot of the best LoR meta decks isn’t a one-time reveal, according to the design and balance team, providing “more visibility on the overall metagame framework” on a monthly basis. 

Patch 1.14 also includes the addition of a spectate mode, allowing players to “jump in and watch your friend’s games.” Spectators can follow matches using “in-game functionalities” like the Oracle Eye, along with card details and being able to pet your friends’ Guardian.

From Expedition and Constructed balance changes to labs and gauntlets, here’s a full breakdown of LoR Patch 1.14. 

LoR Constructed balance changes

Legends of Runeterra Vladimir
Image via Riot Games

A large number of buffs and nerfs are taking place in LoR Patch 1.14. The update is a mid-expansion (Monuments of Power) balance patch and the last major one prior to the first seasonal tournament in December. A total of seven champions have been tweaked, along with eight spells and followers. 


The beloved vampire in LoR is getting a slight buff to his level-up condition at a cost of attack position. 

  • New level-up: You’ve had five-plus allies survive damage as opposed to six.
  • New text: For each attacking ally on my right, deal one to it and one to the enemy Nexus. 


Lucian can now trigger the same round as leveling up. The change was implemented to “better align” Jinx and Lucian’s level two effects, similar to “newer champions like Sejuani and Soraka.”


Jinx will also now trigger the same round as leveling up. If Jinx is played with an empty hand, she still levels up. But she won’t create a Super Mega Death Rocket. 


To improve Shyvana as an attacker, her power was increased from three to four at level one, and from four to five at level two. 


Trundle has been dominating the meta by stalling matches while doubling as a win-condition. The LoR balance team has nerfed his health, and that of Ice Pillar, to provide “more counterplay.”

  • Trundle level one: Health reduced from six to five.
  • Trundle level two: Health reduced from seven to six.
  • Ice Pillar: Health reduced from eight to six. 


Ezreal has received an easier level-up in exchange for Fleeting Mystic Shot damage conditions. The goal behind the adjustment to Ezreal was to “remove much of his current Burst-speed potential to open up more possibilities for counterplay.”

  • New level-up: You’ve targeted six-plus enemies this game.
  • New level two text: Upon Nexus strike, create a Fleeting Mystic shot in hand. When you cast a spell, deal one to the enemy Nexus. If it targeted an enemy, deal two to the enemy Nexus instead. 


Taric received a buff to his power level, allowing the champion to contribute more during attacking and defensive rounds. 

  • Taric level one: Power increased from two to three.
  • Taric level two: Power increased from three to four. 

Tianna Crownguard

  • Power increased from seven to eight.
  • Health increased from seven to eight.

Wyrding Stones

  • Health decreased from four to three. 

Fuzzy Caretaker

  • Cost reduced from four to three.
  • Health reduced from three to two. 

Minah Swiftfoot

  • Power increased from six to seven.
  • Health increased from five to six.
  • Quick Attack keyword added. 


  • Cost decreased from five to four.
  • Power decreased from two to one.

Black Spear

  • New text: If an ally died this round, deal four to a unit. 

Riptide Rex

  • Power reduced from seven to six.
  • Plunder text change: Fire six Cannon Barrages as opposed to the previous seven. 

Eclipse Dragon

  • Health increased from five to seven. 

Hexperimentation 101 lab

Image via Riot Games.

Hexperimentation 101 is a new lab being introduced in Patch 1.14. Players create unique decks based on constraints to earn a special ability during gameplay. 

  • All Even: If all the cards have an even mana cost, you gain—Start of Round: Grant allies +1/+0
  • All Odd: If all cards have an odd mana cost, you gain—Start of Round: Grant allies +0/+1
  • No Followers: If your deck contains no followers (it can contain Champions), you gain—When you cast your second spell each round, create a follower in hand that costs less than or equal to your max mana
  • All Common: If your deck contains only common cards, you gain—From Round 7 onwards, Start of Round: Create a leveled up champion in hand

LoR Gauntlet update

Starting with Patch 1.14, Gauntlet will be Standard best-of-three for two weeks in preparation for the seasonal LoR tournament in December. Due to the format change, two new rule changes are being applied. 

  • Required wins reduced to four and XP rewards adjust appropriately.
  • Winning decks can’t be played again during the same match.

LoR spectate

The first LoR spectate mode features are getting released with Patch 1.14. Friend spectate allows players to watch their friends play while being able to access their card details, Oracle Eye, and pet their Guardian. Additional features are planned for future updates, including a “disable spectate” option. Friend spectate is restricted to Friend Challenge, vs Player (Normal), vs AI, or Expeditions. The option to spectate is located in the social panel. 

Expedition balance changes

Expedition balance changes within LoR Patch 1.14 are focused on buffs to Crimson Guard and Mending Touch while reducing the power of Dragon’s Descent. 

Crimson Guard

  • Wild Pick Bonus Chance increased to high, previously medium.

Dragon’s Descent

  • Added: Chain Vest, Mobilize, Startled Stomper, and Zenith Blade.
  • Removed: Hush

Mending Touch

  • Star Spring will now always appear in Mending Touch packs seen during the initial Champion Picks of a draft.
  • Added: Hush

Bug fixes and updates

  • Riot fixed an issue where players occasionally couldn’t collect rewards or XP via region roads.
  • Riot resolve issues with improper text formatting in Thai and Japanese.
  • Various updates to the LoR Leaderboard, including most used deck code, player icons, and visual polish have been added.
  • Imported decks are now immediately nameable.
  • Rewarded cards are now inspectable during reward ceremonies.
  • In Collection and Store, the details panel for cosmetic items can now be closed by tapping outside of it.