Legends of Runeterra Patch 0.9.4 introduces new Crimson Guard archetype to Expeditions

This should be fun.

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

There’s a new archetype hitting Expeditions—and it hurts.

Legends of Runeterra devs addressed some balance changes to Expeditions in today’s patch notes, including the new Crimson Guard archetype. Riot also broke down the tunings used for creating a cohesive draft experience, continuing its “primary goal” of making all archetypes “feel viable” in the draft mode.

Legends of Runeterra Vladimir
Image via Riot Games

“Our primary goal is that all archetypes feel viable, so you can make decisions based on the contents of the individual packs you’re shown rather than due to a particular strategy being overpowered,” principal game designer Paul “Yegg” Sottosanti said.

While Fluft and Tuft and Cataclysm have already added a bit of fun to the draft mode, this patch throws in the Crimson Guard archetype as well. The new archetype focuses on self-damaging effects and earning bonuses from surviving them from Noxus, while using Demacian Barriers and Tough units.

Since bonus archetypes will only pop up half as often as primary ones, players who want to try them out should jump at the opportunity.

Yegg also explained two tunings that affect how often you see certain archetypes—Cohesiveness Rating and Wild Pick Bonus Chance.

Cohesiveness Rating allows Riot to control how quickly a certain archetype won’t show up in Wild Picks when your deck doesn’t include cards from that archetype. Since some archetypes depend heavily on synergizing with other cards in the same category, a player likely won’t choose them during Wild Picks if they’re going a different route. Riot curbs the draft to offer you more useful cards for your draft.

Similarly, Riot uses a Wild Pick Bonus Chance that increases the frequency of seeing your primary archetype during Wild Picks.

Crimson Guard’s Cohesiveness Rating and Wild Pick Bonus Chance, for example, are both medium.

Next patch will include a new set and seventh region, adding “at least seven” new archetypes to Expeditions.