Legends of Runeterra: Everything you need to know about Cithria

Aside from hailing from Cloudfield, who is Cithria?

Legends of Runeterra Cithria Vanguard Squire
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

A wide variety of characters have stolen the hearts of Legends of Runeterra players, but none quite like the Demacian soldier, Cithria. 

Revealed in the League short story “Turmoil” and “The Weight of Expectations” by Amanda Jeffery in the League of Legends Realms of Runeterra Official Companion, Cithria evolves from a young recruit in the Dauntless Vanguard to a warrior on a path toward leadership and adventure. Within the fist LoR open beta set, her character receives three cards as way to tell her story. 

Cithria of Cloudfield

Legends of Runeterra Cithria of Cloudfield
Image via Riot Games

“Each night before bed, my mother would tell me stories of Demacia’s greatest heroes as she sharpened her sword,” Cithria of Cloudfield’s text reads. “My dreams were full of adventures, and today I’ll begin a story all my own.”

As told in “The Weight of Expectations,” Cithria was a soldier in the Demacian Ninth Battalion prior to entering the Dauntless Vanguard as a recruit. Her LoR card, “Cithria of Cloudfield,” is a solid 2/2 one-drop, which is fitting for someone who’s young and full of potential, able to experience things others can’t. Cithria was an ideal recruit in the Vanguard, sharp in the mind and full of good old Demacian pride. 

She was also a four-time tellstones champion of the Ninth Battalion, a game of stones requiring memory skills and a detailed eye. But in the Dauntless Vanguard, it wasn’t the “Drawing the Lines” version of tellstones that Cithria was used to playing but a far more intense style known as “Silent Stones.” Schooled by Sergeant Marrek, leader of the Dauntless Vanguard’s First Shield and mentor of Captain Garen Crownguard, Cithria began her adventures as a soldier over a game of Silent Stones.

The lessons that Marrek taught to her that day—skills needed to read your opponent, ability to communicate through eye contact only, and courage—remained with Cithria as she continued her training as a Dauntless Vanguard recruit.

Vanguard Squire

Legends of Runeterra Cithria Vanguard Squire
Image via Riot Games

“Everyone I met, every journey I took taught me something new,” the Vanguard Squire’s description reads. “But the more I learned and the stronger I became, the more I realized I had much further to go…”

After training in the Dauntless Vanguard for a year as a recruit, Cithria began to mature—not just in height, but as a skillful sword-bearer with the makings of a wise leader. Unafraid to think for herself and question Demacian ways that had been instilled in her since she was a child, the short story “Turmoil” reveals characteristics of Cithria that propelled her to advance within the Dauntless Vanguard.  

Her LoR card, Vanguard Squire, is a 3/3 four-drop that reduces one in cost for every Demacian Elite summoned to the battlefield. It’s hardly the best four-drop in Constructed, but it reveals that Cithria is much stronger than she first appears when surrounded by fellow Demacians of the Dauntless Vanguard. 

Cithria rose through the Dauntless Vanguard ranks, serving as a squire at one point. It’s unknown whom she served under but it’s speculated that it was Garen himself. The artwork on Garen’s champion card possibly foreshadows this, with a young Cithria of Cloudfield featured in the background. 

Cithria the Bold

Legends of Runeterra Cithria the Bold
Image via Riot Games

“Legends, tales—they were never just fiction to me,” Cithria the Bold’s card text reads. “They were adventure calling my name. I left Cloudfield to discover my own adventure, only to find I would have many. And they’re just beginning.”

Cithria the Bold is a 6/6 six-drop who provides all allies with +1/+1 and the Fearsome mechanic when she attacks. This card is solid in LoR Constructed and it signifies her growth within the Dauntless Vanguard over the years, revealing a new hairstyle and color. 

The design of Cithria in LoR is unique, which is something fans of the game have enjoyed. And her story has just begun, similar to many other champions and characters within the League lore. 

Cithria the Bold is a story LoR lore fans are anxiously awaiting. It’s been speculated that Cithria might be added to League as a champion or perhaps she’ll become one in LoR through a future set release. But until that day arrives, the once-young recruit who entered the Dauntless Vanguard as Cithria of Cloudfield will remain Cithria the Bold. 

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