Legends of Runeterra EU Invitational winner Tilted_22 shares winning decks

Top LoR decks included Angry Horse Shadow Isles and Ionia Elusives.

Legends of Runeterra Hecarim
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

Having dominated throughout the first Legends of Runeterra EU Creators Invitational hosted by AFK Creators, Tilted_22 celebrated his victory by sharing his winning decks with fans.  

Hecarim may have been the most-played champion during today’s Creators Invitational, but it was a combination of solid gameplay and a variety of archetypes that earned Tilted_22 his title. 

Each competitor submitted three decks, and during the playoff rounds, battles were fought in a best-of-three Conquest format. Tilted_22 ran three archetypes that have dominated the LoR Master tier level for the past couple of weeks. 


Over the course of the LoR tournament, Tilted_22 only lost two games, earning an 85-percent win percentage. 

Zetalot was the only other player to earn above a 75-percent overall win percentage, also going undefeated during the first five Swiss rounds. 

The only complaint from several players during streams and on Twitter was that the Swiss rounds should have been best-of-three, rather than best-of-one. Matthew Woods from AFK Creators spoke to Dot Esports and agreed that the format needs some tweaking, and will likely change prior to the next tournament.  

This was the first EU event with a solid amount of top-ranked LoR players competing, sponsorship from major organizations like HyperX and NordVPN, along with support from Riot Games. And overall, it was a success, with several players stating they enjoyed the event and look forward to more.