Legends of Runeterra EU Creators Invitational: Standings and highlights

From Heimerdinger and Hecarim to Elusive packages, the competition was intense.

Legends of Runeterra Karma
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

A total of 22 competitors, most at Master tier, put their Legends of Runeterra skills to the test at the first EU Creators Invitational today. 

The best LoR players in Europe battled through five Round Robin rounds of best-of-one gameplay and three rounds of best-of-three at the EU Creators Invitational, hosted by AFK Creators and sponsored by NordVPN and HyperX. Players mostly competed for bragging rights, along with $1,132, two full sets of peripheral bundles for finalists, and a re-certified cloud Alpha headset for all other participants.

Here is the full list of participants:

MegaMogwai went with a Heimerdinger/Karma, better known as seven-million IQ, playing against Nylanaaa who was on a Shadow Isles/Demacian build with Elise and Hecarim. It was an extremely close match, but Mogwai pulled out the win with both champions on the board. 

ManuS_CCG was on a Kinkou Elusive build, earning a much-needed win against Xari on an Elusive Ionia/Freljord deck. 

MegaMogwai went 2-0 in the first two rounds with his seven-million IQ deck. Playing against FirstPinkBeaver in round three, who was on an Ionia and Shadow Isles build with Zed and Hecarim, Mogwai pulled out his third win of the tournament. 

The world’s first player to LoR Master tier, Pokrovak (Karma), faced off against Tilted_22 (Demacia/Shadow Isles) in round four. Tilted_22 was undefeated heading into the match but Pokrovac wasn’t about to hand over an easy win, sitting at 2-1. Getting Hecarim out on the battlefield and keeping him alive, Tilted_22 remained undefeated after four rounds after taking Pokrovac out with a Mist’s Call. 


After five rounds of best-of-one Round Robin Swiss matches, Tilted_22, Zetalot, and S4mule went undefeated. Going 4-1 and finishing first in bracket two, was Ek0p. And finishing in second via all four brackets was FirstPinkBeaver, Calebovitsch, TianKami, and Showtenseven.

Image via AFK Creators Spect8

Those who finished first and second in their brackets moved onto the quarterfinals. Each round in the quarterfinals, semifinals, and the final match were played in the best-of-three Conquest format. Players submitted a total of three decks.

The rules for the best-of-three matches were as follows: “When a player wins a game, the deck used by the winning player cannot be used for the remainder of the match. The losing player can keep the same deck used or switch to a different one of their choice.”

Advancing to the quarterfinals to semifinals was Tilted_22, going 2-1 over Tiankami. Et0p swept Calebovitsch and FirstPinkBeaver went 2-1 over S4Mule to move onto the semifinals. And lastly, Zetalot swept Showtenseven. 

The semifinals pairings were Tilted_22 vs. Ek0p and Zetalot against FirstPinkBeaver.


Tilted_22 played an Ezreal Piltover & Zaun/Freljord build against Ek0p’s Karma Ionia/Shadow Isles. And Zetalot was on a Shadow Isle/Demacia build against FirstPinkBeaver’s Noxus and Shadow Isles deck. 

FirstPinkBeaver gained the advantage in game one over Zetalot with Elise and her spider package, along with Crowd Favorite. Dropping Hecarim onto the battlefield, FirstPinkBeaver went in for lethal, sealing the win with Mark of the Isles. 

With a board full of Elnuks and Ezreal in hand, Tilted_22 sought a win against Ek0p. Dropping down to five life, Tilted_22 played Ezreal, but it wasn’t enough, and Ek0p earned the first game-win. 

Zetalot won game two, picking an Anivia Shadow Isles Control deck. Playing Hecarim and Zed, FirstPinkBeaver gained an early advantage during the third game. And he carried it through to the end, dropping a Dawn to Dusk on Hecarim while having a Deny in hand for Zetalot’s Vengeance. 

Tilted_22 opted for a Kinkou Elusive deck in game two while Ek0p went with an Ashe/Elise build. Getting both champions out early, Ek0p had the early advantage, shutting down Tilted_22’s Zed. But Tilted recovered, winning game two. 

Game three featured Ek0p on a Demacia/Ionia build against Tilted’s Demacia/Shadow Isles deck. In a battle of Mistwraiths against Fiora and Challenger units, Ek0p missed a chance to play Judgment for the win and Tilted_22 moved onto the final match against FirstPinkBeaver. 

Final Match

FirstPinkBeaver chose his Noxus/Shadow Isles deck first while Tilted_22 went with the P&Z/Freljord build. Both decks had performed well for the competitors throughout the tournament. Game one was close, but FirstPinkBeaver broke ahead come turn 10 with a leveled up Elise and a stacked spider board. But it wasn’t enough as Tilted dropped Ezreal for the win. 

Sticking with the same deck, FirstPinkBeaver began stacking his board with spiders against Tilted’s Elise/Hecarim Demacia build during game two. But it was Tilted_22’s match and tournament to win. 

Losing only two games throughout the whole event, Tilted_22 earned his tournament win at the first Legends of Runeterra EU Creators Invitational.