Legends of Runeterra devs to speed up animation in upcoming patches

Improving the basics of gameplay is a good start.

Legends of Runeterra Fiora
Image via Riot Games

Following a fix to the FPS issue in Legends of Runeterra open beta patch 0.9.0, developers revealed today there are plans to speed up actions like card draw and passing turns in upcoming updates. 

Since the launch of LoR, developers have been listening to players regarding necessary gameplay adjustments. The recent 0.9.0 patch provided some much needed FPS options, and the 0.9.1 update that is less than two weeks away, will include quicker animations when performing basic tasks. 

“We hear you about animations feeling slow,” LoR Engineering Lead Exis said. “We’re going to speed some things up over the next few updates, beginning with 0.9.1. We’re starting with the basics, like drawing cards, playing units, passing your turn, and starting a new round.”

Improving the basics of gameplay is a good start and shows that the developers are taking advantage of its time in open beta. But there are still animations attached to champions, like Draven and his Spinning Axe, that take time off the clock and are a tad over excessive. These improvements are likely in the development stage and should arrive in the LoR patches after 0.9.1. 

Riot previously said the official release of LoR and a mobile version will occur sometime in 2020. Developers have kept up with community suggestions to date and revealed today that there is more to come before the game is launched.