Legends of Runeterra Bannerman archetype dominates DACH+ tournament

Garen takes a back seat to Zed and Lucian.

Legends of Runeterra Draven Aggro
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

Out of a total of 34 competitors, Legends of Runeterra player “Spyrida” navigated a Lucian/Garen Bannerman build towards a first-place victory in today’s Riot DE-sponsored tournament.

Hosted by Pavel and SparklingIceT, with an English simulcast broadcast by TheBlevins and CasanovaHOTS, the LoR DACH+ tournament showcased how strong Demacian Bannerman decks are in the present meta. Taking a more aggro approach towards the archetype was Spyrida’s version, which utilized both Zed and Lucian.

But it wasn’t the only top deck played this morning. “DontBeMad” made it to the finals with a powerful Discard Draven Aggro build while “SpiritusSpei” finished in third with a Mageseeker Lux/Karma deck. 

Here were the top-four players and their most-played LoR decks of choice. 

  • First Place: “Spyrida” playing Zed/Lucian Bannerman
  • Second place: “DontBeMad” on Discard Draven Aggro and Kinkou Elusives
  • Third place: “SpiritusSpei” playing Lucian/Garen Bannerman and Mageseeker Karma/Lux
  • Fourth Place: “IStoleYourSoul” on Kinkou Elusives and Bannerman

A highlight from the LoR tournament included DontBeMad nut drawing Augmented Experimenter in multiple games while navigating his Draven Aggro deck with unique lines that switched between Aggro and Control depending on the board state. 

SpiritusSpei utilizing Mageseekers with Karma/Lux was a treat to watch in a field where most competitors were playing either Bannerman or Elusives. But at the end of the day, it was all about Spyrida and his Lucian/Garen Bannerman deck, to which he credited Swimstrim for the build. 

Unlike the Korean Invitational last week, the format for the KIT SC Legends of DACH+ tournament was best-of-three with no bans, single elimination. Players were allowed to switch decks in between games or choose to run the same deck for every match. The concept behind the format choice was to be inclusive for all players, even those with only one competitive deck.

An English VOD of all the excitement from the LoR KIT SC Legends of DACH+ tournament can be found here.