Legends of Runeterra Arcade Battle event: Full notes and updates

It's pixel time.

Image via Riot Games

Sweet cosmetic rewards are returning to Legends of Runeterra via the Arcade Battle event with the launch of A Curious Journey

Scheduled to hit the live servers on Feb. 16 via Patch 3.2, the Arcade Battle event contains a total of 30 LoR rewards. Free-to-play competitors can earn nine out of the 30 total rewards. And players who purchase the LoR Arcade Battle event pass can earn an exclusive Veigar Arcade skin upon defeating him in a final boss battle.

The LoR Arcade Battle event will run from Feb. 16 to March 17 at 11am CT. Players earn arcade tokens via quests to unlock rewards from the event pass. Challenging a friend and playing against the AI will count toward quests unless specified otherwise. A total of 10 quest chains unlock additional arcade tokens, along with icons for Gnar, Yuumi, Udyr, and Galio. New quests will arrive each week. 

Players can purchase the upgraded LoR Arcade Battle event pass for 975 Coins. Purchasing before March 2 unlocks an exclusive quest that contains 10 arcade tokens and a rare Prismatic chest. 

Here’s every reward in the LoR Arcade Battle event pass, according to Riot

  • Hector: Premium
  • Mountain Drake: Premium
  • Battle boss Ziggs icon: Free
  • Bullet Birds two: Premium
  • Three rare wildcards: Free
  • Prismatic Hecarim: Premium
  • Rage Mode emote: Free
  • Platinum chest: Premium
  • Voxel Chip: Premium
  • Hyara Allseer card: Free
  • Prismatic rewards: Premium
  • Three epic wildcards: Free
  • Arcade Miss Fortune: Premium
  • Storm: Premium
  • Eject: Premium
  • Papercraft Dragon card: Free
  • Platinum chest: Premium
  • Prismatic rewards: Premium
  • Diamond chest: Free
  • Prismatic rewards: Premium
  • Arcade Anivia: Premium
  • It’s Nothing emote: Premium
  • Arcade Miss Fortune icon: Premium
  • Unlock final boss Veigar: Free
  • Three rare wildcards: Premium
  • Dark Storm: Premium
  • Just You Wait emote: Premium
  • Prismatic Yuumi: Premium
  • Final boss Veigar icon: Free
  • Final boss Veigar skin: Premium/Special