Infinite Legends of Runeterra combo loop slowly destroys opponent

A super combo Jank deck emerges within early meta.

Legends of Runeterra Heimerdinger
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

The first infinite loop in Legends of Runeterra has been discovered, and despite not dealing direct damage and winning you the match, it will make your opponent want to concede. But by simply adding a Phantom Prankster to the combo, your opponent’s Nexus will slowly break as you run the loop, and they’ll lose without conceding.

The combo needs Heimerdinger and Tortured Prodigy, along with the spells Counterfeit Copies and Glimpse Beyond to pop off correctly.

But the combo presented by UnaSim only forces an opponent to concede out of pure frustration and boredom. Adding Phantom Prankster into the build, however, forces one point of damage on the opponent’s Nexus every time a unit is killed. 

  • Play Tortured Prodigy, Heimerdinger, and Phantom Prankster.
  • Keep them on the battlefield. 
  • Cast Counterfeit Copies on another copy of itself in hand. 
  • Cast Counterfeit Copies on Glimpse Beyond in hand. 
  • Casting spells will create a Fleeting Turret in hand from Heimerdinger. 
  • Cast Glimpse Beyond to kill a unit on the battlefield, this draws two cards: Glimpse Beyond and Counterfeit Copies. And pings the opponent for one damage via Phantom Prankster
  • Summon the zero mana cost Turret from Heimerdinger and repeat the whole process until the opponent’s Nexus reaches zero, or they concede. 

The combo isn’t an easy one to pull off and requires several pieces for it to work properly. And if an opponent has mana to cast a spell such as Deny, Will of Ionia, or Vengeance—it’ll break the combo and the loop will cease.

But it’s still the first infinite loop discovered since the LoR open beta released last week. And only one type of build that’ll spur on future jank decks and combos as players continue to unlock more cards within the set.