Illaoi creates Tentacles in Legends of Runeterra via Spawn

Get smashed by Tentacles.

Tentacles are taking over Legends of Runeterra with the Worldwalker expansion reveal of Illaoi today, showcasing Overwhelm and Spawn upon attacking. 

Illaoi is the second Legends of Runeterra Worldwalker champion revealed for the upcoming expansion release, providing a Tentacle support package within the Bilgewater region. The four-cost champion uses the new keyword Spawn, which was revealed yesterday, to create and scale the power/toughness of Tentacles on the battlefield. 

The definition for Spawn was reworked by the LoR team yesterday after some confusion. For each Spawn now, it summons a 1/1 Tentacle. If you already have a Tentacle on the battlefield, you grant your strongest Tentacle +1/+1. Illaoi Spawns one upon attacking. She then gains power equal to your strongest Tentacle, which can scale in power via her Spawn package. 

Illaoi level one

Illaoi level one

Upon attacking, Illaoi will Spawn one and gain power equal to your strongest Tentacle during this round only. She has to Overwhelm and her baseline stats are 1/6. To level up Illaoi, she has seen (has to be on the battlefield) Tentacles or herself deal 15-plus damage. 

Illaoi level two

Illaoi’s baseline stats increase to 2/7 upon leveling up and still has Overwhelm. Her text changed to “When you Spawn, increase its value by one.” Upon attacking, Illaoi still Spawns one and fully heals your strongest Tentacle while gaining its stats until the end of the round. 

Her champion spell is Illaoi’s Tentacle Smash, a Slow spell that will Spawn three. This means if no Tentacles are on the battlefield, the Tentacle created is a 3/3. If a 1/1 Tentacle is on the battlefield, the Spawn is a 4/4. The spell then has your strongest Tentacle and enemy Strike one another.

Illaoi Tentacle package

Nagakabouros is the finisher within the Illaoi Tentacle package. The eight-drop has 5/8 baseline stats and the keyword Fearsome. At round start, you Spawn two. If your Tentacle has 12-plus power, create a Nagakagbouros Tantrum in hand. 

The Tantrum is a zero-cost spell that starts a free attack with four Nagakabouros’ Tentacles, which is a 1/1 Ephemeral. A Nagakabouros’ Tentacle upon getting summoned grows its stats to that of your strongest Tentacle and is granted its keywords. 

And Eye of Nagakabouros ties the Tentacle support LoR cards together by protecting them at Burst speed. The five-drop spell will also draw two cards, which typically has a mana value of around three, making the Burst speed spell well worth playing with Illaoi.

Players can test out Illaoi and her Tentacle package with the release of the LoR Worldwalker expansion on May 25.