How to get new Piltover and Zaun cards in Legends of Runeterra

More regions, more cards.

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Legends of Runeterra features all the core regions of the League of Legends universe. Piltover and Zaun are two sides of the same coin since Zaun is an undercity located beneath Piltover.

These two regions were combined in a set in LoR, the two are the home of champions like Jayce, Ezreal, Ekko, and Jinx. If you’re looking to run a deck that features champions from this region, you may be wondering how you can unlock more Piltover and Zaun cards since any of the other regions won’t be able to give you the exact cards you need.

When it comes to RNG in collecting cards, LoR is one of the most free-to-play friendly games out there. Players will always have the option to unlock the specific cards they need by using Wildcards or Shards.

If you only have a few cards that you’d like to unlock from the region, you should try using your Wildcards or Shards to get new Piltover and Zaun cards. Players with smaller collections can switch over to the Rewards tab in LoR and change their region to Piltover and Zaun.

After changing their region, players will start earning toward unlocking Piltover and Zaun rewards. These rewards can range from region-focused chests to Wildcards, which are decent ways to get new Piltover and Zaun cards.

Players, who are out of Wildcards and would like to avoid grinding for unlocking more cards, can purchase Wildcards from the in-game store in exchange for real-life money. Though this isn’t necessary since LoR is extremely free-to-play friendly, it’s the most effective method of unlocking new cards if you don’t want to spend your time completing quests and collecting XP.

When you collect all the cards you need from the region, and you don’t have an active catch-up boost, you should switch over to another region with XP Boost on your rewards tab since this will maximize the number of cards players receive and allow them to diversify their card collection.

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