How many people play of Legends of Runeterra?

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Image via Riot Games

Riot Games came out of its shell in 2020 and pumped out quality titles into the gaming world. With its sights on the shooter and card game genre, the developer released two titles that quickly became hits.

Compared to VALORANT, Legends of Runeterra was born into a less competitive genre and its only real competition was Hearthstone. Considering how long Hearthstone has been around, it has a stable player base. LoR’s biggest strength was how free-to-play friendly it was and its connection to League’s intriguing lore.

Considering the size of LoR’s community and all the viewers that tune in every day to watch the game on twitch, it’s natural to wonder how many active players LoR may have.

How many people play of Legends of Runeterra?

While most developers share these numbers on a regular basis or feature live counts on Steam’s database, Riot doesn’t do that, making it impossible to determine how many players are playing LoR at any given time.

With all the different platforms LoR is available on, it’d take Riot to release the numbers they have so players can have an idea about the state of the player base. It’s impossible to make any guesstimates without official numbers since there aren’t any sources to pull live player data for LoR.

This doesn’t only apply to LoR, though. All of Riot’s games share the same faith. It may bug players who are into statistics or just enjoy knowing how many other players they’re playing with, but it can also be the best for the longevity of a title. Showcasing the player count can create a psychological barrier for players and may drive them away from the game if the numbers continue to drop each day. 

Both Artifact and Heroes of Newerth struggled with their shrinking player bases and seeing less players online each and every day was the final nail in the coffin for some of the remaining players. HoN still continues to have a stable player base, and it remains in good hands when it comes to development, but Artifact was later abandoned by Valve with only a couple of hundred players left. 

As long as players are able to find matches and enjoy the game, player numbers should be nothing to be stressed about. With the state of LoR and how Riot cares for the game, it’s more likely to draw new players every day as opposed to losing.