Free Arcane Jinx and Vi skins in Legends of Runeterra celebrate game’s second anniversary

These free gifts are only available for a limited time.

Riot Games is giving away seven free gifts within Legends of Runeterra, commemorating the digital card game’s second anniversary. 

Starting on April 27 with the release of LoR Patch 3.6, new and existing players can log into the Riot digital card game and receive up to seven free gifts. New players are recommended to set up a Riot account prior to downloading LoR via PC or mobile. Once the game is downloaded, players will need to log in once per day for seven days to receive every LoR two-year celebration gift. The free gifts start on April 27 and will end on May 11. 

Here are the seven free Legends of Runeterra gifts.

Arcane Jinx and Vi skins

Champion LoR skins are applied to both their level one and level two forms. 

Vi emote

Image via Riot Games

Vi’s infamous “See this Look”  from Arcane is now an LoR emote. 

Turning two card back

Image via Riot Games

Chip is having a party and you’re invited.


Logging in to LoR will earn players a Turning two and City of Progress icons. 

Epic-tier spell upgrades

In addition to the free LoR gifts, players who already own champion skins may receive a free skin for that champion’s spell. Riot is adding custom champion spell art to all existing Epic-tier skins, along with a new VFX for Pool Party Draven’s Spinning Axe spell. Draven’s Ruined Spinning Axe VFX is getting updated via Patch 3.7.


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