Everything you need to know about earning Legends of Runeterra region rewards

Here's a guide to help you unlock cards and maximize rewards.

Riot Games Legends of Runeterra
Image via Riot Games

New players in Legends of Runeterra will want to use region rewards to craft decks and earn champions in Riot Games’ digital card game.

Riot’s new free-to-play CCG, LoR, officially launched via PC and mobile on April 30. Each new player receives starter decks upon completion of the tutorial and can earn extra XP on the first 12 levels within the original six regions.

Players can also choose to buy wildcards, expedition rounds, and a starter bundle to gain a slight advantage, or craft a deck of choice. But FTP players can easily catch up via consistent gameplay, unlocking rewards in the weekly vault, and via XP applied towards region rewards.

How do you level up an LoR region?

There are a total of seven regions, with the inclusion of Bilgewater in the Rising Tides expansion. New players seeking to earn wild cards and maximize rewards should focus on levels one to 12 in the original six regions (not including Bilgewater) first. There’s no penalty for switching regions.

With the launch of LoR, players will earn an extra 50 percent XP that is applied towards levels one to 12 in the original regions.

Level oneRare WildcardLevel twoBronze Chest
Level threeCapsuleLevel fourWild Capsule
Level fiveEpic CardLevel sixSilver Chest
Level sevenCapsuleLevel eightChampion Capsule
Level nineGolden ChestLevel 10Epic Capsule
Level 11Epic Cardlevel 12Wild Capsule
Level 13Golden ChestLevel 14Platinum Chest
Level 15 Epic CapsuleLevel 16Champion Capsule
Level 17Epic WildcardLevel 18Platinum Chest
Level 19Champion WildcardLevel 20Diamond Chest
Level 21Golden ChestLevel 22Random Epic
Level 23Champion CapsuleLevel 24Wild Capsule
Level 25Regional Card Back

Upon completing every level in a region, players earn a free regional card back. The only way to unlock a regional card back is to complete a region road.

What’s in a chest and capsule?

Chests are a major reward component within LoR. Players earn chests via leveling up in a region and from the weekly vault. There are capsules within chests that can also be earned separately via a level reward. 

Capsules contain cards from a specific region and wildcards.

  • Wild capsule: Four Common wildcards and one Rare wildcard.
  • Basic capsule: Four Common cards and one Rare card.
  • Epic capsule: Two Common, two Rare, and one Epic card.
  • Champion capsule: Three Rare, one Epic, and one Champion card.

Chests contain capsules, cards, and shards.

  • Bronze chest: Two Common cards and a minimum of 80 shards.
  • Silver chest: Two Common and one Rare card, along with a minimum of 200 shards.
  • Gold chest: One Basic capsule and a minimum of 360 shards.
  • Platinum chest: Two Basic capsules and a minimum of 560 shards.
  • Diamond chest: Three Basic capsules and a minimum of 800 shards. 

What are Weekly Vault rewards?

Legends of Runeterra Weekly Vault
Image via Riot Games

The Weekly Vault in LoR is an added bonus for every type of player, offering wildcards, random cards, Expedition token, and champions. Rewards are based on XP earned over the course of a week, from Monday to Sunday, broken down into 14-plus levels.

10Three Bronze chests
21,0002 Bronze, 1 Silver chest, and Expedition token
32,0001 Bronze, 2 Silver chests, and Expedition token
43,0001 Bronze, Silver, and Gold chest, and Expedition token
54,0002 Silver, 1 Gold, Champion card, Expedition token
65,0001 Silver, 2 Gold, Champion card, Expedition token
77,0003 Gold chests, Champion card, Expedition token
89,0002 Gold, 1 Platinum, Champion card, Expedition token
911,0001 Gold, 2 Platinum, Champion card, Expedition token
1013,0003 Platinum, Champion Wildcard, Expedition token
1117,0002 Platinum, 1 Diamond, Champion Wildcard, Expedition
1221,0001 Platinum, 2 Diamond, Champion Wildcard, Expedition
1325,0003 Diamond, Champion Wildcard, Expedition token

Upon hitting level 13, players can earn additional, unlimited capsules for 4,500 XP each levels 14 and above. Each capsule contains a minimum of three Rares and two Commons (all with a random change to upgrade as normal, including the capsule itself).

How does LoR XP progression work?

Riot has reduced the FTP grind for players seeking XP and rewards by increasing the amount of XP earned with the first three wins and overall losses. For players who plan on grinding for extended periods of gameplay, XP will decrease once 11 plus wins are achieved. 

  • The first win of the day earns 400 XP.
  • A second win earns 200 XP.
  • A third win earns 100 XP.
  • PVP wins in Normal, Ranked, and Expeditions net players 200 and 100 base XP (respectively), every time. First wins of the day bonuses still apply. Wins after the first three earn a player 200 XP.
  • AI wins will always provide at least 50 XP: AI wins 1 to10 are100 XP, and AI wins 11-plus are 50 XP.


  • Epic Capsules contain an Epic, 2x Rares, and 2x Commons, all with a random chance to upgrade (including the capsule itself).
  • Zero wins: Epic Capsule
  • One win: Epic Capsule, 100 Shards
  • Two wins: Epic Capsule, 200 Shards
  • Three wins: Epic Capsule, 200 Shards, Common Wildcard
  • Four wins: Epic Capsule, 300 Shards, 2x Common Wildcards
  • Five wins: Epic Capsule, 500 Shards, Rare wildcard, Common Wildcard
  • Six wins: Epic Capsule, 1,000 Shards, Rare Wildcard, Common Wildcard
  • Seven wins: Epic Capsule, 2,000 Shards, 2x Rare Wildcards

Update May 7 12pm CT: The Weekly Vault, Expedition rewards, and XP rewards were updated after the official launch of LoR on April 30.