Every new LoR cosmetic dropping in Cosmic Creation Patch 1.16

Patch 1.16 introduces more options to customize.

Legends of Runeterra Riven
Image via Riot Games

Upgrades to card styles in Legends of Runeterra will launch alongside several other new personalizations in Patch 1.16. 

The final expansion of Call of the Mountain, Cosmic Creation, is finally set to arrive in LoR. Containing a number of customizations from a new card back and emotes to a game board and deck bundles, Patch 1.16 also features a new way to bling out collected cards. 

Prismatic card styles

Similar to foil cards in Magic: The Gathering, Prismatic card styles in LoR upgrade a player’s basic styled cards. Upgrading to a Prismatic card style can take place in three different ways: Chests, Essence, or Coins.

Whether you’re a free-to-play player or a whale, earning Prismatic card styles is similar to building a collection of cards. New Card Style chests will contain Prismatic chests and players can unlock a Prismatic chest at the end of ranked rewards season. The higher a player ranks, the sweeter the rewards within the chest will be. 

Players can also use a new resource in LoR called Essence. Found in Prismatic chests and earned via Quests, Essence prices per card type will vary based on rarity. And for players who want immediate upgrades, Coins work too. Once a card is upgraded to Prismatic, it’s permanent for the time being. An option to turn Prismatic on or off is in the works, according to the LoR devs.  

Undercity game board

Undercity Game Board LoR
Image via Riot Games

The Undercity game board pays tribute to Zaun. With clean lines and an attention to detail, players may feel experimental urges come upon them when rocking the Undercity board. 


Nyandroid Von Yipp LoR Guardian
Image via Riot Games

The best pets are loyal ones, even when they’re bent on taking over the world. Nyandroid Von Yipp joins the ever-growing collection of Guardians in LoR, ready to stomp and eliminate opposing threats. 

Card back

Riven LoR Card Back
Image via Riot Games

A total of three champions were added to the CoM set in the Cosmic Creation expansion, but only Riven has a card back at this time. Showing off her guns and enormous sword, the Riven card back portrays her “I was born to battle” pose. 


LoR Cosmic Creation Emotes
Image via Riot Games

A total of four emotes, offered individually or in a bundle, are available for purchase upon the release of Patch 1.16. 

The Zaun bundle

The Zaun Bundle LoR
Image via Riot Games

Priced at 1,422 Coins, the Zaun Bundle contains the Undercity game board, a Nyandroid Von Yipp guardian, and a Calculated Creations icon. 

The Forged for Battle bundle

The Forged for Battle deck bundle LoR
Image via Riot Games

The Forged for Battle deck bundle contains Riven and Taric as champions within a preconstructed deck. Cards within the LoR deck focus on combat buffs and combos.

Patch 1.16 is set to drop around 12pm CT on Dec. 16.