Every cosmetic coming in Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.12.0

Aside from introducing board chromas to the game, there are multiple new skins and an event pass where you must pick a side.

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Legends of Runeterra’s next update, Patch 2.12.0, is adding its second champion expansion featuring Akshan and Viego. In addition to the 23 new cards, there’s a Sentinels of Light event, which adds skins that cross over with League of Legends’ newest content.

LoR’s upcoming seasonal event will have a dedicated event pass but with an added twist from the usual formula. When logging in, players are prompted to pick a side with either Viego’s Ruination or the Sentinels of Light. Your selection will determine which order you’ll receive the cosmetics in and a meta non-canon event will decide which faction wins.

Much like the Zed and Yasuo skins in Patch 2.8.0 and the Pool Party Taliyah in Patch 2.10.0, there’s a new level-up animation for Sentinel Irelia. Aside from a matching level-up animation, there will also be updated token art for Blades summoned from Blade Dance while the skin is equipped. This is similar in fashion to Dark Star Zed, who alters the art of all created Living Shadows when selected.

Here’s every new cosmetic coming with LoR Patch 2.12.0.

Champion skins

  • Sentinel Irelia
    • Alternate art (including Blade Tokens), level-up animation
  • Unbound Thresh
    • Alternate art
  • Ruined Draven
    • Alternate art
  • Sentinel Diana
    • Alternate art
  • Ruined Karma
    • Alternate art
  • Sentinel Riven
    • Alternate art
  • Ruined Shyvana
    • Alternate art


Image via Riot Games
  • Sentinel Sanctuary

“For legends who light the way with a steadfast heart. This board has interactive elements, special visual effects, and music.”

Board chromas

Image via Riot Games
  • Sentinel Sanctuary (Citrine) – Inspired by Akshan
Image via Riot Games
  • Sentinel Sanctuary (Pearl) – Inspired by Senna
Image via Riot Games
  • Sentinel Sanctuary (Amethyst) – Inspired by Riven


Gif via Riot Games
  • Viego Hauntling
    • There is no salvation from the darkness… not even darkness this cute.
    • Guardian Personality: Lovesick
    • Favorite color: Black, like his heart
Gif via Riot Games
  • Sentinel Hauntling
    • An unfaltering light to keep the shadows at bay.
    • Guardian Personality: Bright
    • Nemesis: Viego Hauntling
Gif via Riot Games
  • Ruined Urf
    • Many champions will enter his arena… NONE SHALL LEAVE!
    • Guardian Personality: Fiendish
    • Favorite food: Burnt pancakes
Gif via Riot Games
  • Sentinel Gloomtooth
    • A reformed wraith of the Shadow Isles, Gloomtooth now vows to fight the very darkness they were born from.
    • Guardian Personality: Hopeful
    • Wants: To prove themselves

Card backs

The Ruined King

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The Rogue Sentinel

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Sentinels of Light

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  • Heartbroken
    • Oh, what might have been…
Gif via Riot Games
  • Feels Good
    • Exactly as I’d hoped.
Gif via Riot Games
  • Interesting
    • “I love watching a trainwreck.”
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The Sentinels of Light event pass is available in the store for 975 Coins. It “grants access to an upgraded event path with premium rewards, and immediately unlocks the Viego Hauntling Guardian or Sentinel Hauntling Guardian,” Riot said. “Play games to earn Crests and unlock more rewards. Purchase before July 28 to get an exclusive quest that awards 10 Crests and a Rare Prismatic Chest.”

The event ends and pass expires on Aug. 11 at 12pm CT.

The Hope and Ruin bundle is available in the store for 6,831 Coins, prorated for any items you already own. The bundle includes:

  • Unbound Thresh Skin
  • Ruined Karma Skin
  • Ruined Draven Skin
  • Ruined Shyvana Skin
  • Sentinel Diana Skin
  • Sentinel Riven Skin
  • Sentinel Irelia Skin
  • Champion cards for all of the above champions.

The Light’s Haven bundle is available in the store for 2,675 Coins, prorated for any items you already own. The bundle includes:

  • Sentinel Sanctuary Board
  • Three chroma variations inspired by Akshan, Riven, and Senna.

Fans can purchase specific cosmetics or the premium event pass when LoR Patch 2.12.0 arrives tomorrow, July 14.

This article will be updated when it’s clear which cosmetics are specifically tied to the event pass, store exclusive, and free for all players.