Every cosmetic arriving in Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.8.0

Mega Guardians and skins have finally made their way to the game.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra’s upcoming 2.8.0 patch is bringing the game’s next event, Dark Horizon. The upcoming occasion draws inspiration from the Dark Star and Cosmic skin lines from League of Legends. The Dark Horizon event also mirrors Shurima’s launch in Empires of the Ascended with a full-fledged event pass.

Aside from usual conventions, Dark Horizon adds two features never before done in LoR: champion skins and Mega Guardians. For the skins, the four introduced with Dark Horizon are exclusive to LoR and are split into two separate tiers of cosmetics. Champion skins in LoR are either exclusive card art alters (Riven and Shyvana), or have unique level-up animations in addition to card illustration changes (Yasuo and Zed).

Here’s every new cosmetic coming with Patch 2.8.0’s newest event, Dark Horizon.

Available in the event pass

Guardians (all premium)


  • That’s one small step for minions…
  • Personality: Spacey
  • Loves: Moonwalking

Dark Star Drake

  • He once got the Dark Emissary’s autograph.
  • Personality: Insatiable
  • Favorite Food: Star Systems

Cosmic Genius Von Yipp

  • Don’t even get the professor started on String Theory.
  • Personality: Mercurial
  • Loves: Long naps near suns

Dark Star Von Yipp

  • Try not to let his cute widdle paws distract you from the promise of Armageddon in his eyes.
  • Personality: Beguiling
  • Loves: Batting planets out of orbit

Cosmic Construct T-Hex

  • Personality: Astute
  • Hobby: Calculating possible futures

Card backs

  • The Cosmos (Premium)
  • The Dark Star (Premium)
  • Shadow of the Dark Star (Premium)
  • Cosmic Exile (Outside of the Event Pass)


More Fired Up (Premium)

  • There’s more where that came from.

Sparky Sparky Von Yipp (Free in the Event Pass)

  • Our differences make us stronger.

Everybody Gets Love!


Outside of the event pass

Champion skins

Cosmic Zephyr Yasuo

  • Alternate art + new level-up animation

Dark Star Zed

  • Alternate art + new level-up animation

Cosmic Exile Riven

  • Alternate art

Dark Star Shyvana

  • Alternate art


Dark Horizon

  • There is no escape.
  • This board has special visual effects and music.

Dark Emissary’s Realm

  • Orbiting just beyond the singularity’s reach, the Emissary feeds the Dark Star anything with the misfortune to drift by.
  • This board is always equipped with an exclusive Mega “Dark Emissary” Guardian, interactive elements, special visual effects, and music.

The new content can be purchased and earned through the event pass when LoR Patch 2.8.0 arrives tomorrow, May 19.