Every card change in Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.18

After months of dormancy in the meta, can dragons re-emerge into top-tier status?

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra’s upcoming Patch 2.18 is bringing a wealth of changes to many cards within the meta.

There are 28 buffs and nerfs that will bring up underdog cards and hamstring stronger lists. Ten of these changes will be affecting champions. While there aren’t as many changes as the last time a large-scale update happened, these will still surely shake up the meta due to the number of top contenders being brought down, alongside some sizable buffs.

Here are all of the card changes coming with Patch 2.18.


  • Nami (Level one)
    • Level Up Requirement: You’ve gained 7+ spell mana this game. → You’ve gained 8+ spell mana this game.
      • Developer note: Nami was a little too explosive when leveling up as early as round four, so Riot is increasing her level up requirement to slow her down a bit.
  • Draven (Level one and two)
    • Base Stats (Level one): 3|3 → 3|2
    • Base Stats (Level two): 4|4 → 4|3
      • Developer note: Riot is bringing down Draven’s health to reduce his overall power without impacting his exciting, axe-juggling elements.
  • Tristana (Level two)
    • Change: Level two Tristana now grants herself Impact as well as her allies.
  • Nocturne (Level two)
    • Change: Level two Nocturne now retains Nightfall: Grant an enemy Vulnerable and give enemies -1|-0 this round.
  • Ekko (Level one)
    • Level Up Requirement: You’ve predicted 5+ times. → You’ve predicted 4+ times.
  • Aurelion Sol (Level one)
    • Level Up Requirement: Round End: Your allies have 25+ total Power. → Round End: Your allies have 20+ total Power.
  • Renekton (Level one)
    • Level Up Requirement: I’ve dealt 12+ damage. → I’ve dealt 10+ damage.
  • Lux (Level one and two)
    • Base Stats (Level 1): 6-cost 4|5 → Five-cost 3|5
    • Base Stats (Level 2): 6-cost 5|6 → Five-cost 4|6
    • Change: Final Spark can be cast to directly attack the enemy Nexus if they have no units on the field.
  • Quinn (Level one and two)
    • Base Stats (Level one): 3|4 → 3|5
    • Base Stats (Level two): 4|5 → 4|6
  • Braum (Level one and two)
    • Base Stats (Level one): 0|5 → 0|6
    • Base Stats (Level two): 1|6 → 1|7

Followers, spells, and landmarks

  • Sparklefly
    • Cost: 2 → 3
      • Developer note: Sparklefly’s combination of lifesteal and elusive make it an extremely effective as a buff target when resolved early. Riot is increasing the cost to bring it more in line with similar effects.
  • Twinblade Revenant
    • Keyword: Challenger → Fearsome
      • Developer note: Twinblade Revenant was proving a bit too effective at shutting down enemy boards. Riot is swapping out Challenger for Fearsome to retain the Revenant’s role as a recursive threat.
  • Tenor of Terror
    • Base Stats: 2|3 → 1|3
  • Bass of Burden
    • Base Stats: 3|2 → 3|1
      • Tenor of Terror and their partner in crime were too effective at enabling go wide Impact strategies, so Riot is bringing their stats more in-line with their cost.
  • Relentless Pursuit
    • Cost: 3 → 4
    • Change: Now grants a target ally +1|+1
      • Developer note: Riot is taking a look at the minimum that Rallies can cost across the board. Moving Relentless Pursuit up to 4-cost opens up more room for counterplay against aggressive Rally decks, but added some new functionality to retain its role as a viable option alongside Golden Aegis.
  • Stone Stackers
    • Base Stats: 2|2 Tough, Impact → 2|3 Impact
      • Developer note: The stackers were slightly too powerful as resilient Impact threats, so Riot is swapping out Tough for a point of health.
  • Aloof Travelers
    • Base Stats: 3|4 → 2|3
      • Developer note: The travelers have been a bit too effective at shutting down late game decks, so Riot is making them a little easier to deal with.
  • Moondreamer
    • Base Stats: 3|5 → 3|6
  • Lunari Priestess
    • Base Stats: 2|1 → 2|2
  • Solari Priestess
    • Base Stats: 1|2 → 2|2
  • Ravuhn, Daylight’s Spear
    • Base Stats: 5|5 → 5|6
  • The Scourge
    • Keywords: Challenger → Challenger, Overwhelm
  • Dragon’s Clutch
    • Change: Draw two different Dragons or grant Dragon allies +1|+1 → Draw two different Dragons or grant Dragon allies +1|+1 and Overwhelm.
  • Ruined Dragonguard
    • Base Stats: 2|4 → 3|4
  • Herald of Dragons
    • Base Stats: 1|1 → 1|2
  • Faces of the Old Ones
    • Base Stats: 0|2 → 0|3
  • Developer note: We’re giving Faces a buff to help revitalize Freljord ramp decks that have fallen by the wayside.
  • Vanguard Sergeant
    • Base Stats: 3|3 → 3|4
  • Developer note: Demacia decks can struggle to finish games without relying on rallies. Buffing the Sergeant helps make big, wide buffs more viable FOR DEMACIA. – (Designer’s note – caps optional)
  • Dess & Ada
    • Change: Damage dealt to all enemies now scales with Darkness damage increases.
      • Developer note: Dess & Ada’s effect was inconsistent with similar Darkness effects, so we’ve addressed that with this change.

In addition to these confirmed buffs and nerfs, there are system changes and bug fixes that will affect specific cards in the meta. Now when two players have Bandle Tree at 10/10 completion, the game will result in a draw as opposed to a win for whoever gains the attack token. Aside from this change to the Round Start affecting Bandle Tree, Darkness is receiving a nerf in the form of a bug fix.

Whenever Senna declares an attack while the player is casting Darkness, she’ll no longer create a new Darkness. While this isn’t the most egregious nerf a card can receive, losing an option of a certain action can always be considered a negative.

Prank and Curious Shellfolk-style decks are also receiving notable changes through bug fixes. Curious Shellfolk is now able to correctly create copies of champions when used with Predict, and Prank can now target landmarks in opponents’ hands. 

You can try out these new card changes for yourself when Patch 2.18 goes live tomorrow, Oct. 20.