Cross-region friend challenges now live in Legends of Runeterra

Challenge your buddies anytime, anywhere.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra’s Patch 1.10 introduced a major feature in its notes yesterday. With the 1.10 official release today, fans of the game are now able to challenge their friends in any other region.

While digital card games have had a steady rise in popularity over the past few years, other leaders in the market, like Hearthstone, have had limits on how players can use their collection. Despite the fact that a digital collection is bound to the player using it, the ability to challenge friends outside of their region wasn’t possible, meaning players would’ve needed to make separate accounts for other regions. This means players would need to waste effort grinding multiple collections.

Now with this update, LoR joins other digital card games like MTG Arena in letting players challenge their friends anytime in any region. Currently the only available modes to challenge friends in are both Standard and Lab, but other deck formats will most likely be added within a future patch.

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Players that are eager to play against their friends in other regions can do so now, since LoR Patch 1.10 is officially live on every server for both PC and mobile.