Best spicy Legends of Runeterra decks for Worldwalker launch

Rank up the ladder or have fun with outrageous combos.

Image via Riot Games

A total of 65 Legends of Runeterra cards will drop into the digital card with the release of the Worldwalker expansion, with many of those cards slotting into new and creative decks. 

The launch of the LoR Worldwalker expansion on May 25 introduces four new champions to the roster, along with expanded regions via the Origin mechanic. As with all expansion and set launches in LoR, the first few days of the Ranked ladder will get flooded with new cards and champions. Players can expect to see plenty of Jhin, Annie, Bard, and Illaoi. Sometimes paired together, other times forging their own paths via reworked older archetypes. 

Here are the best and spiciest LoR decks to play at the launch of the Worldwalker expansion.

Bard and Zed

Created by Silverfuse, Precipic, Pepscola, and Kuvira

Created by Silverfuse, Precipic, Pepscola, and Kuvira, this Aggro deck pumps up the power via Chimes. Players will want to mulligan for Chime producers and dump low-cost low-powered cards early in order to have the Chimes pump the power levels of impactful cards. After creating the deck, Silverfuse swapped out Greenblade Duo for Shadow Assassin. 


Thresh and Nasus

Created by Matty

Created by Matty, this spicy Nasus and Thresh deck avoids the new Worldwalker champions for potentially something better. But there are new cards within. Chamber of Renewal is a spicy Landmark that may have major implications on the meta. And Shadow Isles Tellstones is a solid spell providing variety and flexibility. 


Triple Broodfather ASol 

Created by Silverfuse

Upon submitting a challenge on Twitter for the spiciest of LoR decks, Silverfuse answered the call with Triple Broodfather ASol. Aurelion Sol is the only champion, Tragon’s Peak is the only Landmark, and Protective Broodfather from the Worldwalker expansion is the shell. Since no other dragons are in the deck, the new Broodfather pulls ASol onto the battlefield when it attacks. Also included within the build for spice on spice is one copy of Unyielding Spirit. 


Illaoi Ashe

Created by Dannyspacaecoast

Part meme and partially legitimate is the Illaoi Ashe LoR deck created by yours truly. Illaoi is a great Midrange champion who works well with Bard but also pairs nicely with the Freljord region. Tagging strongest units with Vulnerable while frostbiting and Challenging paves a path for Tentacles and Illaoi to go wild. The deck is still a work in progress and a turn one Watchful Idol can easily snowball into a win.