Bandle City will be Legends of Runeterra’s 10th and final region

While Ixtal and the Void may not arrive, the champions that reside within them will still make it into the game at some point.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has revealed Legends of Runeterra’s immediate future in another “What’s Next for Legends of Runeterra” video. Bandle City will be the last region added to the game. The magical setting will feature multiple portals and yordles throughout the entirety of Runeterra.

While multiple LoR players were expecting Ixtal or the Void to be the final region, game director Andrew Yipp said that champions from those two regions will still make an appearance in LoR through the game’s 10 existing regions.

Riot also revealed that instead of the usual three expansions per set release cycle, the next LoR set will have a bonus fourth expansion. The extra expansion, launching in November, will bring in more PvE content alongside more cards.

While Riot didn’t directly tease any new cards, keywords, or mechanics in its video, the next card reveal season should start soon since August is when Bandle City is expected to release. In addition, due to the end of the Sentinels of Light event pass, we know that a champion version of Senna will be added to the game.

Image via Riot Games

Since the next seasonal tournament ends on Aug. 21, and based on the usual patch schedule, the next expansion is likely to be released on or around Aug. 25.

LoR’s August set will be released after the conclusion of the fifth seasonal tournament. The first of four expansions will bring Bandle City and Senna to LoR.