Zven: “I feel like I can be the best version of myself—both as a player and as a person—on Cloud9”

The star ADC still says he has plenty of work to do, though.

Photo via Riot Games

Everyone loves a good comeback story, and for many League of Legends fans in North America, Cloud9’s superstar AD carry Zven has had one hell of a redemption arc so far. The 22-year-old finally found a perfect fit for his playstyle, and he had plenty of great things to say about his team after they finished the 2020 LCS Spring Split with a 17-1 record.

“So far, I’m happy with my performance, [and] I’m very happy with my team and my organization as a whole,” Zven told Dot Esports. “I feel super comfortable in this team, and I feel like I can be the best version of myself—both as a player and as a person—on Cloud9.”

Photo via Riot Games

Zven came to North America in 2018, when he joined a TSM superteam that was supposed to dominate the LCS and find success overseas at international tournaments. Two years later, it’s clear that those plans never came to fruition—he was, however, able to get a clean slate with a Cloud9 roster that was trying to completely reinvent itself after several years of disappointment.

He did mention that he and his team still have plenty of work to do before they can celebrate. The LCS championship is still the end goal, and all his efforts and focus will remain on that, “whether it’s an online trophy or not.”

“I think once I win the title, I think the haters will be gone and the doubters will no longer be doubting us or me, and that’ll feel great,” Zven said. “But I don’t really care if people doubt or hate on us. I can block that stuff out.”

Zven still has a long road ahead of him if he wants to add an LCS championship to his trophy case, but with the way C9 is going, his chances are looking especially great. For the rest of the teams in the playoff hunt, there is still plenty of pressure on them to succeed.

Catch Zven and the rest of Cloud9 in action when the 2020 LCS Spring playoffs begin on Saturday, April 4.

Henrique DaMour contributed to this report.