Zoe’s E can travel from Nexus Fountain all the way to top lane alcove

"Tag, you're it."

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ Practice Tool has once again fostered a handy discovery.

One League player came across a way to send Zoe’s Sleepy Trouble Bubble (E) from the fountain all the way to the top lane alcove.

The Aspect of Twilight’s E is an incredibly powerful spell that launches a bubble in a set direction. If the target hits true, the enemy becomes drowsy and eventually falls asleep. Though the crowd-control effect is strong on its own, the ability can also travel indefinitely when moving through terrain. This allows for some unique interactions and long-range sleepy snipes.

The addition of the top lane alcove gives the spell leeway to re-enter Summoner’s Rift and put an enemy to bed. As the player discovered, the ability can travel halfway across the map in a matter of seconds. The spell can be difficult to hit from that distance, however.

Similar to any global spell, players have to rely on pinpoint accuracy and a bit of luck to hit an enemy from across the map. But hitting Sleepy Trouble Bubble is even more difficult because you have to rely on players walking near terrain.

Players eager to land some long-range snipes can try their luck on the Rift.