Zilean receiving a ‘very low scope’ update to base VFX animations in League PBE patch

This should help the champ match his Legends of Runeterra aesthetic more.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ most lovable timebender is getting some love.

Senior VFX artist Kevin “Sirhaian” Leroy showcased a few “very low scope” VFX changes for Zilean today that should be available in the Patch 11.14 PBE cycle. As one of League‘s older champions, the Chronokeeper will get minor updates to his base animations that will “match his Legends of Runeterra aesthetics.”

Zilean’s Time Bomb (Q) will be far more modern, updated with a clean blue animation that pulses before it explodes. And the roman numerals on the clock were seemingly replaced by what looks like runic symbols. The champion’s Time Warp (E) and auto attacks will be polished too, along with Chronoshift (R). Instead of the previous outdated revive animation, a bright blue clock spins around Zilean during his ultimate before resurrecting.

Sirhaian explained that the VFX from the rest of Zilean’s skins were unchanged, aside from Shurima Desert, where “subtle sand was added.”

The Chronokeeper was recently added to the digital card game LoR last month, sporting modern and visually impressive animations. Riot likely wanted to keep that same consistency across both titles, electing to update some basic VFX on a champion that was released in 2009.

With these VFX changes hitting the PBE soon, they’ll likely deploy on the live servers with Patch 11.14. League Patch 11.14 is expected to go live on Thursday, July 8, according to the official patch schedule.

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