Zilean, Draven, and other League champs have gone more than a year without any changes

Poor Zilean...

Image via Riot Games

Some League players pretty much just stick to their main or a small pool of champions. So when certain champions haven’t been changed in a while, many may not even notice.

But Riot’s lead gameplay designer, Mark Yetter, took it upon himself to reveal the 20 champions that have gone the longest without a change. Atop the list is Zilean, who received his last change 511 days ago, in May 2018. Draven is the next up on the list, with 482 days between his last change. Other champions in the top 20 include Vladimir, Taric, Jinx, and Vel’Koz.

The list is quite odd, considering the diversity of champions. There doesn’t seem to be much of a pattern as to why these champs have been neglected for so long, while others receive attention seemingly every patch. It does kind of show that none of these champions are deemed overpowered, if nothing else.

Yetter said a SR team designer decided to make the list, which could help the designers choose which champions receive Quality of Life (QoL) changes. That certainly would make Zilean and Draven fans happy, at least.