Zeri player kites enemy Riven around the Rift in League

This player never gave up hope.

Image via Riot Games

Tanks in League of Legends actively work to mitigate the damage they receive from opponents, allowing them to act as initiators in big fights without worrying about their health. Even champions not inherently designated as tanks can become as such with the right items, forcing opponents to change the way they approach the matchup.

For this Zeri player in a clip uploaded by Reddit user YariLeo, Riven building tank was not what they were expecting to deal with. Complete with Plated Steelcaps, a Gargoyle Stoneplate, and the components for a Death’s Dance, this Riven was prepared to take close to zero damage from Zeri, who has been a thorn in many players’ sides since her release. Yet with their teammates being slain around them, the Zeri player had to try something.

The Zeri player used her ultimate, giving her increased movement speed, damage, and attack speed and enabling them to kite their opponents desperately trying to take them down. The entire enemy team chased Zeri deep into their side of the map, but Zeri’s speed kept them from getting a hold of her. The Zeri player continued to use her ultimate-empowered Q into the enemy Riven but dealt little to no damage due to Riven’s large amount of armor—yet they never gave up trying.

Zeri continued to lead their enemies on a chase, bringing them back into the bot lane where Zeri’s ally Zed was waiting to help. Zed’s Ignite took away a substantial amount of the self-healing that Riven had, allowing Zeri to finally take her down after chipping at her health for close to a minute. This allowed the Zeri player to continue to charge their ultimate, letting them dive the enemy Lulu and Vex to secure a triple kill.

While this play would have been made much easier if Zeri had built a Black Cleaver, the player kited their opponents efficiently and took advantage of their tunnel vision, leading to a chase reminiscent of old-school cartoons and one no players in this game are likely to forget.

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