Zed and Shen jump into the final battle with Jhin in Zed comic issue six

A terrible truth lies behind the mask.

Screengrab via Riot Games

After agreeing to join forces to battle a common evil, Zed and Shen have finally jumped into the final battle against their nemesis Jhin in the latest issue of the Zed comic.

In the previous issue, Zed and Shen came to an understanding about their roles in the capture of Jhin, but unfortunately, Shen’s young student Akali was captured by the demented puppetmaster while trying to capture him herself. Now, Zed and Shen must act quickly before she becomes another victim of the killer’s sick performance.

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Screengrab via Riot Games

We begin right in the middle of the action, with Zed and Shen jumping onto Jhin’s “stage.” Almost immediately, they run into a trap, but they were expecting many tricks after all the things they have endured during this chase.

Things start to go from bad to worse, as Jhin stays one step ahead of both ninja warriors. But just as he’s about to kill Shen, Akali is freed by Zed and is able to save her master’s life while apprehending their target with a solid punch to the jaw.

Afterward, Akali moves to execute Jhin, but Zed steps in to stop her since he promised to keep him alive for punishment at the hands of Shen. Before handing him over, however, Zed interrogates Jhin to figure out who helped him escape, to which the Virtuoso replied, “You’ve known all along.”

Three weeks later, Zed returns to a terrible secret he’s been hiding this whole time. Shen’s father Lord Kusho—who everyone believed died at the hands of Zed—is still alive and well. It’s revealed that he faked his death at the suggestion of Zed himself in order to use forbidden magic to take control of the Navori brotherhood.

Unfortunately, Shen’s father also believed that Ionia needed to be reminded of the horrors of war, which is why he was the one who freed Jhin from captivity. This is something that Zed could never agree with—he became an assassin because he thought he could save many lives by taking one, but now Kusho doesn’t care about casualties.

Ultimately, Kusho ordered Kayn to kill Zed to become the Master of Shadows, but in a relieving twist, the Shadow Reaper revealed that he will stay loyal to Zed after everything he has done for him, including taking him in when he was left to die by his own people.

Kusho and Zed then enter a final battle, where Zed finally kills Shen’s father in order to save hundreds of people from an unjust death. Afterward, Zed and Kayn walk away from the temple reminiscing recent events.

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