Zac’s ultimate is getting reverted in the League PBE for Patch 9.11

Let's bounce.

Zac changes
Image via Riot Games

If you played Zac when he released back in 2013, you probably remember how his old ultimate used to work—the Secret Weapon would bounce onto his enemies while slowing and dealing damage. If you were a fan of that, Riot Games has some good news for you: Zac’s ultimate is getting reverted for Patch 9.11.

Daniel “Maxw3ll” Emmons, a game designer for Riot, announced that the team was planning to revert back Zac’s ultimate in League‘s Public Beta Environment sometime soon. Riot plans to ship out these changes when Patch 9.11 drops.

“We ultimately decided that we went too far in pulling damage out of him in our quest for a more CC-laden tank,” Maxw3ll said. “We agree that part of Zac’s pattern of diving the back line and doing damage is core to who he is as a champion.”

There are two big changes to Zac’s kit. First, his Unstable Matter ability will now do two percent of a target’s max health per 100 ability power as magic damage. Second, Zac’s ultimate ability has him bounce four times while gaining 20 to 50 percent movement speed over the duration.

The first bounce on a target will deal 140/210/280 damage, plus 40 percent of Zac’s AP. This damage is reduced by 50 percent for subsequent bounces on the same target. Also, the first bounce on a target will knock them back for one second, and all bounces on the same target will slow them by 20 percent.

Expect players to try building out Zac as an AP bruiser champion now that he’s gaining more damage into his kit soon.