You can reduce Ekko’s ultimate cooldown to under 10 seconds in League of Legends

As if he wasn't OP enough.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ Ekko is extremely frustrating to play against because he’s a safe champion with tons of mobility. And now, it gets worse.

One League player explained on Reddit yesterday that the Boy Who Shattered Time can use Chronobreak every 9.6 seconds by stacking various cooldown reduction (CDR) methods.

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Screengrab via Riot Games

“As an Ekko player since release, I can confirm [sic] this should not be possible with how strong he is,” the player said.

Riot’s MOBA has several ways to shorten cooldowns. But to achieve a 10-second Ekko ultimate, you’ll need all of them. Players need to opt for the Ultimate Hunter rune, which reduces your ultimate cooldown for every unique takedown, and Cosmic Insight rune, which bumps your CDR cap to 45 percent.

After the recent preseason changes, slaying four Cloud Drakes grants players an additional 40-percent CDR and ignores the cap.

Granted, if a team is able to secure four dragons and a soul, the match is likely one-sided already. But using Chronobreak every 9.6 seconds means that Ekko could potentially use it twice in one teamfight, perpetually keeping himself alive and doling out tons of damage. Plus, you’d hate to hear the young time bender yell “do over” on repeat.

Ekko has seen a recent surge in popularity and win rate after he became viable in the jungle again. Though Lee Sin’s presence still dominates Summoner’s Rift at 17 percent, Ekko is the second most-played jungler in the current patch at six percent. And considering how often he’s being played, Ekko’s win percentage is an astounding 52.9 percent, according to

Fans looking to command the Rift—and have some fun—may want to try out Ekko.