Yone’s out-of-combat walk animation has been updated following player feedback

Rejoice, future Yone mains.

Image via Riot Games

After receiving feedback from the League of Legends player base, Riot Games went back and updated the walk animation for Yone, the next champion coming to Summoner’s Rift.

Riot’s goal is to have an animation for out-of-combat movement and have the previous walk animation for in-combat movements.

The previous walk animation will also undergo some updates. But due to time constraints, it won’t be available for testing on the PBE and will be deployed during Yone’s arrival on the live servers.

Riot’s senior champion designer Jonathan “EndlessPillows” Fuller jumped in a Reddit thread yesterday to explain the thought process behind the movement animations.

“We think that his current walk can have an imposing and intimidating feeling to it when he is in combat with others,” he said in regard to Yone’s current walk animation.

But considering there are times where you just need to get from one point to another, this doesn’t make sense because there’s no one to intimidate. As a result, Riot went through multiple options and landed on the current run animation.

If the in-combat player isn’t attacking for a couple of moments, Yone will transition to the run animation, similar to how Yasuo “sheaths his blade,” according to EndlessPillows.

While some players enjoyed the current run animation, Riot decided to listen to the majority of the community. The devs updated his out-of-combat run animation to make it less awkward for Yone players while also keeping his current in-combat animation, satisfying both fronts with this small update.

Yone will arrive on the live servers in Patch 10.16, but he’ll be disabled for the playoffs in all competitive regions.

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