Yone player saves Jax from imminent death to Urgot ult

The enemy Urgot was so focused on getting the kill that they completely ignored the bigger threat in the skirmish.

Image via Riot Games

There are a lot of encounters in League of Legends where a couple of frames can make all the difference. One player proved that to be true in a clip shared earlier today, pulling off a buzzer-beater save.

In the clip, a couple of frames were the difference between life and death for a Jax player. Thankfully, they were saved by a friendly Yone, who rushed to help their injured ally and stop the opposing Urgot from sending Jax to the gray screen.

The small skirmish began with the red side Urgot looking to finish the low-health Jax in the jungle. Yone was close by, though, and decided to help their teammate by jumping across the wall with the champ’s Soul Unbound ability. Urgot kept pushing for the kill on Jax while completely ignoring the Yone, likely realizing they wouldn’t have enough time to take them down.

After briefly coming out of crowd control, the Urgot player used their ultimate, Fear Beyond Death, landing it on Jax and dragging the champ into the meat grinder. But while Urgot was trying to execute Jax, Yone landed the killing blow on Urgot in the final frames of the animation, saving Jax from imminent death.

Urgot’s ultimate can sometimes be quite underwhelming in this regard since opponents have a good amount of time to try to stop the champ from completing the cast. But if it goes off, Urgot fears nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds, allowing the champ to unleash a lot of damage without being stopped.

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