Yasuo player puts forth valiant effort to escape death

"Follow the wind, but watch your back."

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player recently showcased just how mobile Yasuo can be when trying to escape from the clutches of three enemies. But the immense display of skill wasn’t enough for the Yasuo player to get out alive.

In the highlight, Yasuo can be seen solo pushing in the top lane with added support from the Rift Herald.

As he eliminates the tier two tower, three of the enemy champions began to surround him, starting with Garen.

Though the Yasuo player was having quite the game, boasting a score of 4/0/1, he opted to retreat rather than attempt to duel the Garen. During this retreat, however, he ran into an unexpected enemy Lux.

With the use of Flash and Wind Wall, Yasuo managed to evade the oncoming attacks and proceeded to hop the Krugs wall where he thought he would be safe.

The chase didn’t end there, though. A Leona was lying in wait inside the nearby brush. After tanking her combination, Yasuo looked to be home free by using the Blast Cone to escape to the Baron pit.

But this is where Yasuo met his end. A fourth member of the opposing team, Kha’Zix, was able to deal the finishing blow to Yasuo.

This sacrifice was not in vain, however. Though he was eliminated eventually, this gave Yasuo’s team the opportunity to capture the Ocean Drake and push up the other lanes, thus gaining more momentum across Summoner’s Rift.

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