Yasuo and Riven are the focus of new color stories on League Universe

The short stories include a sequel to an ongoing series.

Image via Riot Games

For fans of League of Legends’ expansive lore, a collection of new color stories dropped on League Universe today. 

Short stories focusing on Yasuo and Riven, and a sequel to an ongoing series, were released with stunning accompanying artwork. The current drop marks the first stories released in two weeks. Ivern’s biography was also updated.

Brotherhood by Ariel Lawrence is a slice-of-life tale about the wandering swordsman Yasuo stumbling upon a child who’s kite got stuck in a tree. While on the road to Weh’le, Yasuo stops to help the boy.

The tale is the smallest of the three stories in scope but has interesting lines such as the child’s brother referring to Yasuo as “xiiri,” meaning something unwanted or a pest. Yasuo’s brief internal monologue also provides insight into how he approaches situations during his travels and fighting a seemingly constant battle internally.

Seams and Scards by Dana Luery Shaw foreshadows a connection between Riven’s character arc and another ongoing story. The short story is told mainly from the perspective of Muramaat, an Ionian mender who’s in camp with Riven and Asa Konte, who described himself as Riven’s “father” when he first set up camp with Muramaat.

The reader is brought into Muramaat’s reservations about Riven and her attempt to understand the Noxion. The story explores the interplay between healing both physical and emotional scars.

The third short story is the continuation of the Sisterhood of War series, which started a month ago. Sisterhood of War Part II: The Unquiet Dead by Ian St. Martin is a continuation of a build-up to the Ionia Noxus war that’s been teased. The story is a follow-up to their first journey where Noxians Arrel and Tifalenji, a runesmith, take Erath on their hunt for Riven due to his experience as a shepherd.