Xayah player snags 4 kills with perfect ultimate and Flash combo

"Most satisfying Xayah play I ever did."

Image via Riot Games

Xayah may be as light as a feather, but she definitely stings like a bee.

One League of Legends player showcased Xayah’s Patch 11.17 buffs last night, using her improved ultimate to snag a quadra kill. And even though the player lost their life in the process, they managed to fend off the opposing squad and save a tower.

League’s most recent patch gave Xayah some love, buffing her Double Daggers (Q) cast time and increasing the base damage on Featherstorm (R). The player quickly put those improvements to the test after they found themselves in a one-vs-four scenario. With no allies and only a tower for protection, they had no choice but to fight back.

After losing their support, the player stared down four enemies who were preparing a tower dive. Caught off guard by the opposing Evelynn, things looked dire after Xayah was charmed. But the player immediately used Featherstorm after the CC wore off, followed by Flash to line up their feathers. The player then recalled the feathers with Bladecaller (E) to deal devastating damage and quickly kill three enemies.

Unfortunately for the player, they also died in the fray. But Twitch, the last enemy standing, was caught in tower range and was finished off to give Xayah the quadra. Despite the heroic play, the Xayah player and their team went on to lose the match, according to op.gg.

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Andreas Stavropoulos
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