Worlds 2019 Team Supporter bundles now available in League’s store

Represent your favorite team on the Rift.

Image via Riot Games

With the 2019 World Championship coming up in less than a week, fans are looking for ways to express their undying support for their favorite teams and regions. And they can do so now that the Worlds 2019 Team Supporter bundles have been released in League of Legends‘ shop.

Players will be able to purchase these team bundles for 600 RP. They include a team logo icon and a team logo emote that can be flashed whenever you want to show off who you’ll be rooting for during the biggest League tournament of the year. The bundles also come with have an automatic team chat cheer, as well as an in-game team tag next to your summoner name.

By buying these bundles, Championship Ryze, or the Championship Ward, you’re directly supporting Worlds teams. Fifty percent of revenue from the Team Supporter bundles will be given to teams who qualify for Worlds 2019.

Teams will also be getting 25 percent of the revenue from Championship Ryze sales. Half of the profits will be distributed based on team performance and the other half will be equally split among all teams who qualify.

Every single team heading to Worlds has a team bundle, from AHQ Esports Club to the Unicorns of Love. Whether you’re a North American believer or a passenger on the European hype train, you can grab a team icon to truly show your support for whoever you think will win the Summoner’s Cup.

Worlds 2019 begins with the play-in stage on Oct. 2.