League Worlds 2019: Overall scores, standings, and results

Can anyone dethrone the Chinese overlords?

Photo via Riot Games

It’s the moment that League of Legends fans have all been waiting for—Worlds 2019 is finally here.

Over the next month, the best League teams from across the globe will be battling it out to see who will be crowned the latest world champions.

Here are the scores, standings, and results for every match that takes place at Worlds 2019, including the play-in, group, and knockout stages.

Play-in group stage

Group A

1Mammoth Esports22
2Unicorns of Love22
3Clutch Gaming22

Group A: Matches (Oct. 2 to 4)

Clutch Gaming01Unicorns of Love
Mammoth Esports10Unicorns of Love
Mammoth Esports01Clutch Gaming
Unicorns of Love10Clutch Gaming
Unicorns of Love01Mammoth Esports
Clutch Gaming10Mammoth Esports
Uncorns of Love10Mammoth Esports
Clutch Gaming10Unicorns of Love

Group B

1Splyce 31
2Isurus Gaming22
3DetonatioN Gaming13

Group B: Matches (Oct. 2 to 4)

DetonatioN Gaming01Splyce
DetonatioN Gaming01Isurus Gaming
Splyce10Isurus Gaming
Splyce01DetonatioN Gaming
Isurus Gaming10DetonatioN Gaming
Isurus Gaming01Splyce

Group C

1HK Attitude31
2Lowkey Esports22
3MEGA Esports13

Group C: Matches (Oct. 2 to 4)

MEGA Esports01HK Attitude
MEGA Esports10Lowkey Esports
HK Attitude01Lowkey Esports
HK Attitude10MEGA Esports
Lowkey Esports10MEGA Esports
Lowkey Esports01HK Attitude

Group D

1DAMWON Gaming40
2Flamengo Esports13
3Royal Youth13

Group D: Matches (Oct. 2 to 4)

Royal Youth01DAMWON Gaming
DAMWON Gaming10Flamengo Esports
Royal Youth01Flamengo Esports
DAMWON Gaming00Royal Youth
Flamengo Esports01DAMWON Gaming
Flamengo Esports01Royal Youth
Royal Youth10Flamengo Esports

Play-in knockout stage

Match one (Oct. 7, 1pm CT)

DAMWON Gaming31Lowkey Esports

Match two (Oct. 7, 6pm CT)

Clutch Gaming30Royal Bandits

Match three (Oct. 8, 1pm CT)

HK Attitude31Isurus Gaming

Match four (Oct. 8, 6pm CT)

Splyce32Unicorns of Love

Group stage

Group A

1G2 Esports51
4HK Attitude06

Group A: Matches (Oct. 13 to 18)

Griffin01G2 Esports
Cloud910HK Attitude
Griffin10HK Attitude
G2 Esports10Cloud9
HK Attitude 01G2 Esports
G2 Esports10HK Attitude
HK Attitude 01Griffin
Cloud901G2 Esports
HK Attitude 01Cloud9
G2 Esports01Griffin

Group B

1FunPlus Phoenix 42
3J Team33
4GAM Esports15

Group B: Matches (Oct. 12 to 17)

J Team10FunPlus Phoenix
GAM Esports01Splyce
FunPlus Phoenix10Splyce
J Team01GAM Esports
FunPlus Phoenix10GAM Esports
Splyce01J Team
GAM Esports01FunPlus Phoenix
J Team01Splyce
GAM Esports01J Team
Splyce 10FunPlus Phoenix
Splyce 10GAM Esports
FunPlus Phoenix10J Team

Group C

1SK Telecom T151
3Royal Never Give Up 33
4Clutch Gaming06

Group C: Matches (Oct. 12 to 19)

Fnatic01SK Telecom T1
Royal Never Give Up10Clutch Gaming
SK Telecom T110Royal Never Give Up
Fnatic10Clutch Gaming
Royal Never Give Up10Fnatic
Clutch Gaming01SK Telecom T1
Royal Never Give Up00SK Telecom T1
Clutch Gaming 01Fnatic
SK Telecom T101Fnatic
Clutch Gaming 01Royal Never Give Up
SK Telecom T110Clutch Gaming
Fnatic10Royal Never Give Up

Group D

1DAMWON Gaming 51
2Invictus Gaming42
3Team Liquid33
4ahq Esports Club06

Group D: Matches (Oct. 12 to 20)

Invictus Gaming10ahq Esports Club
DAMWON Gaming 01Team Liquid
Team Liquid01Invictus Gaming
ahq Esports Club01DAMWON Gaming
Invictus Gaming01DAMWON Gaming
ahq Esports Club01Team Liquid
ahq Esports Club01Invictus Gaming
Team Liquid01DAMWON Gaming
Team Liquid10ahq Esports Club
DAMWON Gaming 10Invictus Gaming
DAMWON Gaming 10ahq Esports Club
Invictus Gaming10Team Liquid

Knockout stage

Quarterfinals (Oct. 26 to 27)

Griffin13Invictus Gaming
SK Telecom00Splyce
DAMWON00G2 Esports

Semifinals (Nov. 2 to 3)


Finals (Nov. 10)