Why Origen’s entry isn’t as explosive as it looks – A look at Draft phase versus Giants

Origen just went 2-0 in the first week of the EULCS, a record so far only matched by Fnatic. I attempt to take a look at you should still be worried about Origien being a top tier team.

Origen just went 2-0 in the first week of the EULCS, a record so far only matched by Fnatic. I attempt to take a look at you should still be worried about Origien being a top tier team.


First off, before I give my opinion on my Origen wouldn’t have beaten H2K in their true form and why their team comp against Giants just wasn’t very well rounded – let me just say in EU itemization was in general horrible, you had CW vs GIA with pepinero’s xerath doing obscene amounts of damage, a late locket of the iron Solari and a Urgot Azir combo (what?). Not to mention the major lack of Nunu despite Vayne Ashe and Azir being very popular picks – where was the Nunu?

Okay so first off we have the game against Giants Gaming, last split a relatively weak team made up off a all Spanish roster. They have made a roster change in the support role.

Pick & Ban

Giants ban Lulu, Maokai, and Rek’Sai.

Origen ban Urgot, Jax, and Gragas.

Looks like fairly standard bans, Werlyb has a relatively strong Jax, and perhaps has been playing it in scrims as it was also banned in their match against CW.

Lulu seems questionable considering Soaz played rumble in both games this week, the rest are standard.

Giants first pick the LeBlanc, this may explain the Lulu ban a little more. Pepi obviously gives this pick high priority. 

Origen then lock in Morgan and Kalista. Hmm Morgana is a fairly decent and safe pick against LeBlanc Urgot is banned so there isn’t going to be that counter threat, Maokai is also banned so there is less lock on cc to go onto the Kalista. My problem here is that you’ve picked what turns out to be a Morgana mid, Morgana does not have a large amount of sustained damage in the late game and Kalista falls off compared to many other ADCs in terms of killing tanks once armor is itemized. While Morgana does have burst from the midlane its dependent on landing dark bindings I also have further problems about how this pick is played but I’ll get to that later.

Giants respond with Thresh and Gnar, standard solid picks with lots of aoe crowd control which is important when you are going against a black shield Kalista.

Origen then pick Alistar and Rumble, casters typically talk about the Gnar being a bully to rumble in lane, despite this Soaz picks rumble straight into it. Alistar is becoming a huge meta pick mainly played in the LCK, Alistar ends up being picked and having much success this week. Alistar is a solid pick to stop a Huge GNAR! Ultimate, by just headbutting away they’ve also added a little bit of lock down with pulverize to help Morgana and Rumble get more of their ultimate’s which take time to deal more damage.

Giants respond with Ashe and Sejuani. Why would you pick Ashe into a Morgana Alistar? You are not going to pick off people easily with the arrow you have a black shield and Alistair can block it and pop his ult if the stun is too long to survive an engage. I like a Sivir pick here to help Giants and the Gnar Sejauni to get a reliable engage on a non-black shielded target. At the same time the Sejuani may be a pick away from Origen because Sejuani would fit their comp perfectly giving Morgana and Rumble time to get the max damage out of their ults, especially against an immobile ADC.

And then… Origen picks…… Evelyn…

I don’t really understand or see the strength of Evelyn, she has innate pressure on the map but in this composition I think you would get punished by a stronger team if you’re Origen. You need hard CC to allow Morgana and Rumble to get further damage from their ults and the stun on Soul Shackle. Evelyn has a moderate aoe slow that she needs to run at the giants line up to hit, helps Rumble ultimate but not Morgana so much, if Morgana loses lane in this situation and Giants tanks get big enough Kalista will have to have an extremely sustained fight to kill anyone. This is immediately after the Kalista back-hop nerfs as well. If Origen are planning to pick Eve Morg – why not Sivir? On the hunt would really help eve get in with a black shield. I don’t like the last pick from Origen. Whether Amazing just wanted the next best Jungler or not I don’t understand. Overall, I don’t know if they just reverted to Evelyn, but a slightly off-meta pick with more tankiness and CC would have been far better in this comp.

I’m not going to discuss the game in length but I have a few other complaints – I find xPeke’s itemization pretty horrible – going ludens before zhonyas and Morgana mid is just absurd – Morgana doesn’t spam spells, doesn’t make much use of the ludens at least a Zhonyas would compliment Morgana’s high ap scaling but a Ludens seems rather stupid to me.